Abu Nutzi Got a Lawyer

Jack Welch

Fascist Jack Welch Caught Lying (Seems to be a ubiquitous Republican vice.)

More today from our favorite I. C.:

Abu Nutzi Got a Lawyer.  He got appointed an American lawyer by the government.  Judging from the name (not to mention the profession), he most assuredly got a Jewish Lawyer!

Nobody but me has mentioned it.  I am nutzi enough myself to wonder if they did it on purpose, though unspoken. Great stuff to see a Jewish public defender take the Arab nut case…case.

And another good thing… Jack Welch, former and future fascist, (GE, Home Depot, etc. – a real evil bastard) got himself thrown off the Reuters Opinion Columnist pool for gross dishonesty, when he loudly yelled the job numbers were cooked, even while he knew there was absolutely no possibility of such.

Reuters started as purely financial… and British.  They won’t have anyone making a public fool of himself to financial people while pandering to the ignorant in an attempt to sway the American election.  And it is clear he is doing it for profit.  He cares nothing for the world, let alone the country.

Odd thing is, American media are so screwed up, he would fit right in in several venues here.  We are certainly more corrupt than the Brits.  But he is too uppity to appear on FOX.  He’s the type who would want the upper crust.  With Reuters dumping him, I doubt The Economist (British) would print him. I imagine The Wall Street Journal will print him though.  Didn’t it get bought by Murdock some time back?

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