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Marine Le Pen, new President of France's anti-semitic National Front

Marine Le Pen

Jean-Marie Le Pen,  the anti-semitic leader of France’s National Front party, has handed the party leadership over to his daughter.  In his farewell speech, Le Pen said he had no regrets for calling the Holocaust a “detail” in the history of World War II, nor for other comments that repeatedly cost him fines in court.

He suggested in his speech that Jews cry wolf, unduly claiming to be victims of anti-Semitism.  This was a reference to French journalist Mickael Szames, who had reported that he was  injured by security guards at a National Front event because he was Jewish.  Le Pen then joked about it:  “the person in question thought he could say that he was kicked out because he is Jewish; it didn’t show either on his (press) card or on his nose.”

His daughter, the newly elected leader of the National Front, is  less likely to use such overt Jew-baiting, but the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Marine Le Pen feels the same  disdain  for the Jewish community in France.  She has taken a hard line against French Muslims as well, comparing prayer in the street (outside overcrowded  mosques) to the Nazi occupation.

She was overwhelmingly elected president of the party over the weekend.

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