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Is this a Christian country or what?

1996 Chanukah Stamp

1996 Chanukah Stamp

In 1962, the United States Postal Service issued its first Christmas stamp.  Thereafter, it issued a new design almost every year. Most of the designs featured a Madonna and Child.  For the next thirty-four years, the USPS refused requests for a Chanukah stamp, on the grounds that it does not produce designs on overtly religious themes!

The USPS claimed that their Madonna-and-Child Christmas stamps were not religious because they were images of great works of art.   Even if this pathetic self-deception were allowed to stand unchallenged, the USPS could just as well have put some great Jewish art reproductions on a Chanukah stamp. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Greatest Antisemitic Play Ever Written

Al Pacino as an Unsympathetic Shylock

Al Pacino as Shylock

New York’s “Shakespeare in the Park” is offering a new production of The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino. This news has reminded me of the first time I saw Shakespeare’s profoundly antisemitic play.  Not having read it beforehand, I came to the performance with fresh ears.  Jewish ears.

The Merchant of Venice is an Elizabethan comedy.  That means a complicated love story in which serious obstacles to love are presented and then overcome, and a happy ending is reached.  In this case, there are three pairs of would-be lovers interacting.  Their plans for happiness involve borrowing money.  The most important obstacle to their happiness is the play’s main character, Shylock.

Shylock is a rich Jewish moneylender who is owed money by a defaulting Christian debtor.   He is a monster motivated by hate and revenge.  His written loan agreement states that if the debtor can’t repay, then a pound of the guarrantor’s flesh is due.  Shylock gleefully intends to enforce this clause.  Although the dialog makes it clear that Shylock is a Jew, there isn’t anything Jewish left in his character except his memory of suffering.

Most productions show a local Jewish community in existence all around him, but those actors go about their business as usual.  Not one fellow Jew whacks Shylock on the head and says, “What are you crazy?”   No committee drags him off to a Rabbi for correction.  It’s surreal. Read the rest of this entry »

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The #2 Republican is a #1 Antisemite

Warren Chisum

Warren Chisum

According to Warren Chisum (the second most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, and a former Chair of the House Appropriations Committee) evolution is a religious doctrine introduced two thousand years ago by the “Pharisaic Religion.”

Chisum wrote a letter of support that was attached to a bizarre memo being circulated by Ben Bridges (a Georgia State Representative), citing several profoundly antisemitic websites as proof that evolution stems from “rabbinic writings in the… kabala.”

Bridges and Chisum thus tried to kill two birds with one stone:   If evolution is a religious doctrine, then it ought to be banned in public schools;  and if it came from the Jews then it must be evil.   Read the rest of this entry »

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IBM’s Anti-Semitic Whacko is Back!

IBM and the HolocaustCharles A. Antonelli, a Delivery Compliance Administrator for IBM Global Services in Boston, has submitted a bill to the Massachusetts General Court that would ban Jewish and Moslem circumcision.  Jews and Moslems would be punished by fines, imprisonment for up to fourteen years, or both. Read the rest of this entry »

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More Evil From Uncle Google

evil google Uncle Google, that paragon of hypocrisy, has done it again.  When videos of Jewish interest get posted on YouTube, antisemitic diatribes follow in the comments, often in the form of Israel-bashing, often filled with obscenities and half-baked misunderstandings. Uncle Google doesn’t mind this.  Neither does it mind posts of deceptive Israel-bashing videos. But truthful and effective pro-Israel videos are censored for “terms of service” violations.  The latest victim is video # wU221GA5-u8 Read the rest of this entry »

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A Light Unto the Nations…yet again

Israeli Rescue Workers in Haiti

Israeli Rescue Workers in Haiti

In case you’ve just emerged from a month in a cave, here’s what’s new:  Haiti has suffered the worst earthquake to hit the Western Hemisphere in two hundred years.  When the bodies are all accounted for, there might be 100,000 dead.

Here’s what’s not new:

The UK (population: 61 million) sent sixty-four firemen and eight volunteers.
China (population: 1,326 million) sent fifty rescuers and seven journalists.
The twenty-five nations of the Arab League (population: 340 million) sent nothing.

Also nothing new:

Israel (population: 7.5 million) immediately sent two jumbo jets with more than 220 doctors, nurses, civil engineers, and other experienced search and rescue personnel. Read the rest of this entry »

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UNESCO Narrowly Avoids Anti-Semite as Leader

Farouk Hosny: Egypt, UNESCO, antisemite

Farouk Hosny

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosny, who last year said that he would burn all Hebrew books in Egyptian libraries, only narrowly lost the election to become head of the U.N. culture-and-education body.   Hosny blamed a “group of the world’s Jews” for the defeat.   Read the rest of this entry »

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