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Palestinians name Convicted Murderer as Cabinet Minister

Convicted murderer Abu Ein collapses while tussling with a soldier.

Convicted murderer Abu Ein collapses while tussling with a soldier.

ABC is reporting that an Israeli soldier killed a “Palestinian Cabinet Minister.”  Lebanese News refers to it as “Israeli barbarism.”  Abbas says, “we cannot sit idle and silent.”

We need to speak truth when mainstream media spreads lies:
David Lankari & Boaz Lehav -- two of the innocents murdered by Abu Ein.

David Lankari & Boaz Lehav — two of the innocents murdered by Abu Ein.

First of all, the man who died was a convicted murderer, named Abu Ein, who had been given a life sentence for killing two unarmed teenagers because they were Jewish.  He was in jail, first in the USA and then in Israel for the two murders.  This was in the 1980’s.  He got out when Arabs kidnapped some Jews and traded them.

Second, the cause of his death is unclear.  He was certainly grabbed by a soldier while tear gas exploded nearby, but the 55 year-old terrorist had diabetes and chronic high blood pressure, and he clutched at his own chest as he collapsed.  An investigation is needed to determine the cause of his collapse.
In the USA, Abu Ein could have gotten the death penalty; but Israel, unlike the USA, thinks it’s barbaric.  (Remember it was once barbaric here, until the Supreme Court brought it back.  Like magic, no longer cruel or unusual for the state to kill people.  Hmm…)

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Life and Death in Har Nof: A First-Hand Account

yicara weiskoffI wrote the following yesterday, during the “lock-down” in Har Nof, during and after the massacre, while we were waiting to be able to leave our bulding – ie. waiting for the search copters to stop circling and leave.  It WAS on my [Facebook] Timeline, then wasn’t for some reason. So, as per request of some people I’d messaged it to, I’m posting it again.  It follows.

Dear Family and Friends,

I feel compelled to write this to you.

Terrorists killed 5 men and injured 13 more, some critically, in our neighborhood about an hour ago. During our morning prayer services, 2 or 3 Palestinian extremists, ie. terrorists, entered a shul/synagogue where my husband davens/prays regularly. They had knives, axes, and guns. They began stabbing and hacking, then shooting the daveners. Police arrived quickly, and shot 2 of the terrorists in a gunfight. Helicopters are still circling around our neighborhood, which indicates that the other terrorist, or additional terrorists, may still be on the loose here. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Trip to ArabRat’s Grave

The Arafat Memorial

Harvard Students on Pilgrimage to the Arafat Memorial

The Forward ran a disappointing editorial today arguing that the Harvard visit to Arafat’s grave was “the right thing to do”.

Among other things, it said:

“Imagine going on an educational tour of Berlin and not stopping at Hitler’s bunker.”

First of all, the Arafat grave is dolled up as a hero’s monument in a Palestinian government building.  Unlike Hitler’s Bunker, it is indeed constructed as a form of homage.

If you visit the Lincoln Memorial and then share your proud, smiling picture on Facebook, your visit will be construed as a form of homage whether you like it or not, because that’s why the Lincoln Memorial exists. So too with Arafat’s current grave site.

Why else would the Israeli Government have destroyed Baruch Goldstein’s grave site?  It featured glorious, stone, circular hand-washing stations like those in front of the Western Wall, and a miniature plaza all to itself.  Arafat’s grave is presented even better.

Second, for the record, I was on tour in Berlin in 1974 and 2011, and it never even crossed my mind that Hitler’s Bunker was there or worth seeing.  In 1974, it was Checkpoint Charlie, The Wall, AlexanderPlatz, Brandenburg Gate, museums, day-trips to castles, etc.   In 2011, it was local synagogues, “stumble-stones”, Jewish concerts, the Jewish Museum, the zoo (for my kids), the book-burning memorial beneath AlexanderPlatz, and the “space needle” towering above it.

As the Harvard students’ own justifications make clear, their choice to go there actually reflects their politics; and their politics are what we take issue with.

The Forward article continued:

Or trying to see the sites of a conflict like the American Civil War without taking a look at the Confederate Memorial Carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Hitler killed 6 million Jews and 5 million others, but no one would argue that your visit to his bunker was meant to “honor” him.   Davis, Lee and Jackson were considered war criminals in the North in their time, but no one is going to argue that you’re embracing their side of the Civil War at their monument.

First of all, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson weren’t thought of as war criminals, they were thought of as traitors.  (On the other hand, Southern bushwhackers like Jesse James were indeed terrorists and war criminals).

Second, as a tourist I’d have no interest in the statue cited — a statue which is not intrinsically of any historical significance.  It’s just a souvenir.  On the other hand, the fact that Southerners haven’t yet torn it down themselves is what’s historically significant.  (Yes, they are embracing their side of the Civil War by maintaining it.)

Having visited, and been disgusted by, The Hermitage — with it’s whitewashing of slavery (via the relocation of the slave quarters) and the unsavory Jackson in particular — and by other monuments throughout the South (which is still not entirely Reconstructed, you know), it seems to me that someone visiting the South reveals his or her values by the tourist sites chosen.

Visitors can choose educational sites about black history and civil war battles, or they can take their selfies at statues that pay homage to racists who fought for an evil cause.  At best (e.g., Robert E. Lee) they are tragic figures, and at worst (e.g., Nathan Bedford Forrest) they were monsters.

The Forward article concludes:

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Barry Shrage Reverses Himself, Sheds Momentary Pique

Barry Shrage, President of Boston's CJP

Barry Shrage, President of Boston’s CJP

Good news!  Barry Shrage, after airing his atrocious initial reactions (which were to justify the Harvard visit to Arafat’s grave and to attack Internet bloggers for condemning it) has had a re-think.  He has reversed himself, and his welcome new statement can be enjoyed here:

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Where is Leon Klinghoffer’s Grave?

Arab terrorists on the hijacked Achille Lauro murder helpless Jew Leon Klinghoffer, throwing him into the ocean.

Arab terrorists on the hijacked Achille Lauro murder helpless Jew Leon Klinghoffer, throwing him into the ocean.

Nice article today in Arutz Sheva about Harvard students visiting Arafat’s grave (not to spit on it, but to take smiling pictures) on an outing funded by Boston’s CJP.

Barry Shrage (CJP Director) will likely be at the Torah Academy Annual Dinner later this week, here in Newton Massachusetts.  In past years, he has addressed the community at it.  I wonder if the subject will be hinted at?

Will let you know.

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Israel’s Robot Army Coming to a Town Near You!

The U. S. military is building a robot army to wage war against Americans on behalf of Israel.  That’s according to The Sovereign, a far-right and white-supremacist magazine.

Kind of reminds me of that old joke about Jews, Masons, and the Queen of England conspiring to enslave the world by getting everyone addicted to drugs.

I can see the new version now:  “Why robots?”  /  “Why Israel!”

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Happy New Year! Thank you, Israel.

Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

The Admiral Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

Before the holiday begins tonight, we should appreciate how beautiful Obama’s delay is on Syria.

We have a full self-contained Marine ground invasion force steaming there by ship, quite visibly… like the Brits did with the Falklands.  It has beach landing crafts, two-thousand troops (although they claim they have only(!) three-hundred ground force aboard;  also amphibious hovercraft, helicopters, and vertical take-off support attack jets, ospreys, and harriers.   Nice.  It’ll be coming up the Red Sea toward Suez.

The Nimitz carrier group got under way for its scheduled return to its Washington State home, but ‘spun about’ and is ‘steaming’ steadily toward the Red Sea.

On the weekend, they stacked two-hundred Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian coast, having brought up two more missile destroyers from the western Mediterranian, making it now five destroyers up close.   (Anyone remember Zeigfried in “Get Smart”?   “Nuthingk… Nuthingk…  Five destroyers…  Nuthingk…”)

It’s all for show, of course, since we could hit them using only land-based planes from Aviano, Qatar, etc.

At first the Arabs laughed at Obama’s weakness in delaying and looking to congress.  Not for long.  The final blow that sent him sweating bullets was shooting off the two missiles without warning yesterday.

Russian early warning satellites detected them and sent the panic incoming to Assad.   After an hour or so of silence, Russia broke and publicly asked what the heck is going on.

We said nothing.

Eventually Israel says, “Oh, what? yea, we were testing some tracking gear.”

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Six More Rockets Pound Israel, Shaking Cease-Fire Resolve

There is a miserable AP headline this morning. CBC picked it up, and then it got to Google News.

Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip
Egyptian-brokered ceasefire in the area has mainly held

What garbage! Here’s a correction:

Israel Responds to Gaza Rockets
six more rockets pound Israel, shaking ceasefire resolve

Quite a bit more accurate.

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The Bulgaria-Cyprus Connection

A happy Passover to all!
Is anybody reporting the reality of the Bulgaria explosion that killed those fine young people on the tourist bus?  It was to have been a double attack, I don’t see that in any American press. They’re also not saying much on today’s conviction in Cyprus.
The connection is that both these odd locations are frequented by Israeli tourists. The Swedish citizen in Cyprus, born in Lebanon, was taking down the plate numbers of tourist buses frequented by Israelis. He also was recording arrival information on planes from Israel. He was paid by Hezbollah, the Shiites.
The Bulgarian explosion was a tourist bus loaded with Israelis just disembarked from their plane, done by Hezbollah.
The dual explosions, killing so many young Israeli tourists at their common destinations in southern Europe, would have been quite a blow, both socially and financially. Who thwarted the Cyprus side of the plan? Was there only the one conviction on Cyprus?.
This was an attempted resurgence by Hezbollah to create a double vacation bomb attack. That would have made people think more than twice, and been a financial blow on tourism in southern Europe at the worst possible economic time. Somebody evil has brains, and is thinking big.

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It Ain’t Buckingham Palace

IDF soldier and Arab provocateur - photo mainstream media will never show

Pictures like this one never appear in the mainstream press, but this is what happens all the time to Israeli soldiers.

Notice how unambiguous is the provocation.   Notice how secure the provocateur feels; he knows that the well-trained Tzahal (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier will not touch him.

Also notice how surrounding the scene are journalists and left-wing activists eagerly waiting for the soldier to act, ready to capture any perceived misstep in order to use it to damn the IDF.

Powerless but resolute, the soldier stands in the face of this provocation with restraint and dignity.

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Washington Posts Publishes Offensive Language

Washington Post OffensiveThe Washington Post published my letter under an article, my letter blasting their article’s terrible headline.  They more than once wrote — including in this bold headline — “…Israel’s Gaza Offensive”.  What bastards!  In a bold headline!

I don’t like to see the English language deteriorate, especially for propaganda in the most wrong-headed direction. OK, so they put my letter right below the article, as the only comment.  But they keep the headline, and others equally obfuscating.

I just let people know that defensive artillery fire to suppress incoming attacks on cities is not an “offensive”.  A ground incursion for the same purpose might be called such, in that the enemy’s territory is physically advanced into; but defensive suppressing fire against rocket attacks already ongoing by Hamas is not “…Israel’s Gaza Offensive”.

If we do sadly see one, I hope the difference and value of correct military language will be obvious to all.

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Were you wondering why Obama visited a Buddhist Temple and received a berachah (lehavdil) from a Buddhist monk?

Obama at Buddist Temple.

Were you wondering why Obama visited a Buddhist Temple on his current trip to Thailand and Myanmar?  And why he lightheartedly accepted a berachah (lehavdil) from the Buddhist monk?  Read on and find out the real reason!

Even while on a strategically important visit to Asia, Obama must simultaneously deal with tactical matters in the Middle East, and the Buddhist Temple visit is part of that.

Here is a “scorecard,” recently sent us by Intemperate Correspondent, who blogs at JihadBrief, so you can sort out all the “players” and know who’s team they’re on.  He writes:


Iran and “Lebanon” (overrun by Hezbollah) are supporters of Assad.

Hamas backs the rebels in Syria, because the rebels are infiltrated by Islamist ideologues.

Today the Lebanese PM repeats:  He will do nothing to support Hamas, denying he ever even thought of calling on parliament to make any such statement of support.  He is under pressure from Hezbollah, funded by Iran, to be an enemy of Hamas.

Our “ally” Qatar, where we have a huge military base, openly backs Hamas, because it is a way of being against Assad, Iran/Imadinnerjacket, and Hezbollah.]

The trip the Lebanese PM made to Gaza must have been okay with US;   it showed the Hamas willing to shoot rockets under cover of the visit.  They also took shots during the Egyptian PM visit.

Both Qatar and Egypt then gave the green light, unspoken, to Israel and the US.  They made clear they would give nothing but lip service.  Both continue to get billions a year from the US.

Hezbollah is being very quiet.  So is the West Bank.

The Syrian rebels are infiltrated by Islamist ideologues.  The Libyan rebels had less of these Islamists, but enough.  Libya had more black African mercenaries working for Gadaffi, who have mostly gone to northern Mali.  They are a crazed and evil group that has joined with the Boka Haram [Learning Forbidden], and are destroying Mali.  Other nuts driven recently out of Nigeria are also heading to Mali.

We need a more controllable and visible force in Mali, beyond the special forces now there.  They have killed and maimed many people already —  for things like card playing, hair cutting, dancing, or wearing wrong clothing.

They have leveled ancient art and architecture through Timbuktu and the north.

Salafists, now emboldened in Egypt, are stating they were behind prompting the Taliban to destroy the ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan, and they are now calling for the leveling of the Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt!

While to us the Brotherhood might be nuts, I think to Morsi’s Brotherhood, the Salafists appear nuts.  At least since Morsi found out he actually has to govern a huge nation, a nation that has not yet taught it’s school bus drivers to stop at rail crossings, and that has come to need the American subsidy to survive economically.


Well, that’s the analysis recently arrived from “Intemperate Correspondent,” which leads me to see Obama’s Buddhist Berachah in a new light:

At a Buddhist Temple, Obama can kill three birds with one stone:  He can cement relations with strategic allies in the Far East;  send a clear stick-signal to the crazies like the Egyptian Salafists and their brutish heroes in Mali;  and send a carrot-signal to their oppositional Morsi, whom Obama would like to put in orbit around the USA. Read the rest of this entry »

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