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Gene-building Plunder vs. Deliberate KinderMort

Dick Winters

I just finished reading the memoir of Dick Winter, Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters, co-written by military historian and retired U.S. Army Colonel Cole C. Kingseed.

In finishing that memoir, he stumbled across a small camp I never heard of.  He was around the Rhine after Bastogne in the Bulge, and saw piles of starved bodies, uncountable thousands of dead and dying.  He said it could never be overestimated, the scale of the horror.  [He never knew about Auschwitz.]

He had just come through the rural edge of Germany, and said that, unlike England, from whence he’d come by way of parachute, there was no rationing, they had fresh eggs seven days a week.   In the basements of a nearby village they found giant wheels of fresh cheese.  This Point-Unit made the Germans haul out the cheese, and bring it to feed the prisoners.  Also like other Americans sometimes did out of instinctive justice, made them bury the bodies and clean up the camp.  Then unit doctors caught up and stopped them feeding the cheese, saying it was too rich for their condition.

It’s interesting getting the attitude of this front line fighting civilian-lieutenant.  He seemed to like the break of forcing these Germans to haul their cheese to the prisoners.  He sounded disappointed at the doctors showing up and giving them only soup. It freaked him out to see the camp, in a way that months of battle and killing front-line Germans did not.  It’s different than reading an historian.  It’s not as articulate, but sometimes you get a deeper look than the writer intends.

So then he goes back to fighting front line troops, and makes clear he really knows now why he’s fighting, but still can create no hatred of the Germans, ‘officers’ or ‘men’, but understands even before seeing the camp ‘why the Jews would hate them’.  He’d been giving prisoners to Jewish soldiers, who never lost a prisoner, but killed a few apparently.  Now he watched the Jewish soldiers more closely to prevent too many prisoners getting killed.  But he didn’t seem to mind as long as he tried to be militarily correct.  I’d imagine like since 9/11, nobody cries too much about drone-like targeting of Arab Nazis.

It’s finally starting to come home to me that all this happened just twelve years before I was born.  And that no group can overcome with any level of propaganda an image of killing the women and children of the enemy in a deliberate manner. Human instinct will accept the gene-building assimilation of plunder, but not the wanton destruction of the gene pool. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flying (Paper) Tigers — with apologies to George Plimpton

The Israeli Air Force has it’s own Flying Tiger Squadron, and it’s taking part in the current operation to suppress Gazan rocket fire.

Unlike the famous American unit of that name, these Flying Tigers are the youngest and least experienced of fliers.  Of course their instructors may be old hands.  You may wonder what their role could be, flying in their little pilot training planes.

They acted as leaflet bombers, releasing their payload of warnings, telling the populace to get in the bomb shelters, and away from the launchers.   They took their somewhat dated A-4 Skyhawks low and slow over the “enemy,” and the bits of Arabic printed paper fluttered down.

This is a new air power strategy.  Miniature paper bombers bravely flying in the face of tiny flak from the occassional small arm.  All to save the neighbors from casualties.  There were no such niceties at Nagasaki.

If other nations had similar policies we’d see swords beaten into plowshares with rapidity.  What better lesson for youthful fliers, ability, bravery, and humanity.  The larger operation does see a few experienced fighters targeting specific terrorist operational commanders.  But primarily it is a war against hardware. Read the rest of this entry »


Don’t Just Stand There. Do Something.

As you know, hundreds of rockets have been fired into southern Israel from Gaza over the past several days.  School is cancelled.  For many, ordinary life has come to a standstill.  At this time it is important to teach our children essential Jewish values:

  • Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh: All Jews are responsible for one another
  • Pikuach Nefesh: The preservation of life is of highest importance
  • Lo Ta’amod: Do not stand idly by when someone’s life is in danger

There are two ways you can help children!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Hot Car You Got There

Reuters man somehow got this great shot of Jabaari’s car this morning.  The buildings are not even damaged.  IDF says, “implemented on the basis of concrete intelligence and using advanced capabilities.”

Well, I guess so.

But I don’t see much about the more than twenty other strikes Israel made overnight.  They were against long range rockets capable of reaching Tel Aviv.   They were under civilian buildings, but I suppose IDF felt they couldn’t delay longer in hopes they might be moved.   Those attacks had civilian casualties, but they say they believe they took out the vast majority of these long-range rockets (not home-made, I’ll bet our own gasoline use helped to buy them).

How much do we give Qatar each year to keep that giant air force base, or what’s the trade there?  Why do we never debate these things in the news, or during campaigns?  Why does no one care that we have a huge military base in Qatar?  Are those evil nuts also our allies, like Mubarek, doing dirty work for our rogue Bush CIA?

I’ve been reading The Death Merchant, all about the ex-CIA guy who sold Qaddafi the C4 that took out the Lockerbie plane, and used in dozens of attacks on the west.  I think he sold him 40,000 lbs of the stuff, and after some rogue decades did finally get prosecuted by feds and jailed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Range of Homemade Gazan Rockets (but the Iranian stuff flies all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusaem)

Hamas Rocket Range, for homemade Gazan rockets only.

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25% is in Range

Israel has an OBLIGATION to defend itself against terrorism.  Gaza is governed by the terrorist Hamas organization.
Click the map to enlarge it.

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A Shell Game

Tammuz Missile

They spent a lot of Money to make sure Nobody got hit.

Israel used an expensive precision missile containing advanced ‘electro-optic’ technology, an advanced form of the ‘Tammuz”; with guidance based on longer range ‘Spike’ navigation system from ‘RADS’.

Though the General claims that all and any Syrian battery firing into Israel may be targeted, and that they do not know if there were any Syrian casualties at the targeted artillery post they fired on, it is quite Obvious that they spent a lot of Money to make sure Nobody got hit.

Later IDF official spokesperson called it a warning.

Israeli Soldier With Spike Launcher

After the shot, Israel also warned the United Nations to caution Syria to curtail the accidental firing by Syria — now amounting to seven or eight wayward shells — into Israel.

They stated that it is clear the Syrians were targeting other Syrians along the border, but that no more wayward shells would be tolerated.

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Rocketman From Qatar

It really is too weird. I thought we owned Qatar.

I see no news on the 55+/- rockets fired into Israel at some point in the past 8 hours. All the western papers just say the Qatar guy is visiting Hamas. They used the occasion of the visit to shoot 60 rockets, and his money is made possible by the US. It’s all getting way too weird.

The BBC has a headline that says, Israel jets fire on Gaza.

Nothing in the Times.

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U.S. Military is now in Jordan, on the Syrian Border.

US in Jordan, preparing near the Syrian border

US military in Jordan, preparing near the Syrian border.

Just in from our I.C.:

U.S. Military is now in Jordan, on the Syrian Border.

Now we have a huge force in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, much smaller in Yemen, Iraq recently much reduced, Libya now a small hunting force.

And today, Jordan with a force to help with the Syrian border – they claim for refugee management.

Go Obama Go!

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New Israeli Visa Needed

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

Our exclusive-to-Jewish-Jihad intemperate correspondent is still on the job.  Today he writes:

Syria claims to have killed four Turkish military imbedded in a rebel unit, I think they were in Aleppo.

I predicted many weeks ago that the Turks would do them in for the west. The trick is to keep NATO out of it, on the surface. The Turks are barely Muslims, they are definitely not Arabs.

The Hezbollah chief was killed in Syria by the rebels, He was there leading some evil unit for Assad, though the Hezbollah deny it, and had a funeral, and supposedly a body, in Lebanon.

I was only half not kidding, when I predicted we could see Hezbollah fight Hamas next.  Hamas is backing the rebels in Syria.

They would need to go roundabout through the West Bank to get at each other; or commute directly through Israel on the new “Go Ahead and Kill Each Other Visa” …  in a rare acquiescence to Arab demands !!

(No stopping along the new freeway allowed!)

Feel free to forward, publish, distribute by carrier pigeon… Remember, you heard it here first !!

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You Heard it Here First: Good News From the Middle East

Assad of SyriaOur intemperate correspondent has more to say today:

Hezbollah will soon be fighting Hamas.

It will be interesting to see how they get around Israel to blow each other up.  Perhaps Israel should issue special passage permits for jihadists on their way to be martyrs to the north or south of the Jewish land.  No stopping for gas or anything;  maybe an escorted caravan, one in each direction along the freeway.  They should avoid rush hour.

Turkey, very against Assad, has been courting Hamas leaders, and Syrian “Palestinians” are fighting against Assad.  Hamas closed it’s Syrian office and moved it to Qatar, a western “ally,” like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Now today Assad broadcasts a vicious verbal attack on Hamas, calls them traitors, and of course appeasers of Israel, etc.  Hezbollah supports Assad, who is Alawite.  Is that a kind of Shiite?  Hamas is Sunni and Hezbollah is Shiite??

The U.S. historically will sell guns to all the parties involved, some of it with tax money, direct to US gun-makers, as foreign aid.  I think it’s time to not sell them more guns.

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Egypt Going Down

Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

As Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, continues to draw condemnation over his visit last week to Jerusalem, Egypt’s newly democratic Parliament is now using language that effectively denies Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel, and even denies recognition of Israel’s existence.

The Egyptian Parliament’s committee responsible for religious affairs, in its statements condemning Gomaa, referred to Israel only as “the Zionist entity”, and “the brutal enemy.”  Apparently, the Egyptian Parliament is no longer comfortable using the word Israel to describe its neighbor.  Parliament then voted, as per its committee’s recommendation, to call on Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa to step down.

Even Gomaa’s defenders would repudiate the peace treaty.  Writing in the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat, Lebanese columnist Elias Harfoush warned against blowing Gomaa’s visit out of proportion.  He wrote that Gomaa’s visit, while lamentable, did not represent a betrayal of Egypt on the scale of President Anwar Sadat’s.

Sadat was the leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating with Israel and ending the state of war.  He was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Most other Arab countries are still in a cold cease-fire, on-again-off-again since 1948.

Yussuf al- Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Qatar-based chief ideologue, has issued a fatwa (legal ruling) determining Gomaa’s visit to be haram, forbidden by Islam.  Hamas, on its FaceBook page, has also condemned Gomaa’s visit.  “We reaffirm that this visit…meant the normalization of relations with the enemy.”

For decades Egypt’s Muslim and Christian religious establishments have forbidden followers from visiting Jerusalem’s Islamic holy sites.  But in February, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Arabs and Muslims worldwide to visit Jerusalem in a show of solidarity with Palestinians.   Several hundred Coptic pilgrims seized the opportunity to fly to Jerusalem for Easter.   Two members of the Jordanian royal family made pilgrimages, and one of them accompanied Gomaa on his visit.

According to Gomaa himself, he “remains adamantly opposed to normalization with the Jewish state.”

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