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Teen Injured in Hamas School Bus Bombing

hamas fires missile at school bus in the NegevHamas continued its life of crime today, targeting a school bus in a missile attack. The missile was shot from the Gaza Strip and directly hit a school bus outside Kibbutz Sa’ad, in the Negev, injuring two people.

A 16-year-old student is in critical condition after paramedics managed to resuscitate him. He was air-lifted to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, where he is undergoing surgery. Soroka officials say that he is suffering from head injuries. The bus driver is listed in light condition after being hit in the leg. Fortunately, all the other students had left the bus shortly before, so these were the only two people on the bus when the missile struck.

Forty-five rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip in the span of three hours on Thursday afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

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2002, Revisited

It was the height of the second intifada.  In the old city, The Cardo was deserted.  Restaurants in the new city didn’t bother to open.  That year’s Zimriyah attracted almost no singers from abroad.  Everywhere we went, Israelis rushed over to thank us just for being there.  Arabs tailed us to plead with us to visit their shops in the deserted shuk.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was when Noa and Mira started their partnership.  “We Can Work It Out” was their first jointly recorded song.


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The Healing Prowess of the Dead Sea (No Splashing Allowed)

Jews and Arabs swimming together in the Dead Sea

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Shopping in the West Bank

Gush Etzion SupermarketThe “West Bank” was given this name by Jordan when Jordan conquered and annexed it in 1948.  Only the US and the UK recognized the annexation.

Israel conquered the West Bank from Jordan in 1967, and thereafter administered it, pending a peace treaty with Jordan.

But Jordan relinquished its claim to the West Bank in 1988, stripped the residents of their Jordanian citizenship, and ceded its claim to the PLO.

The Jewish population of the West Bank is 500,000.  Depending on which Arab agency is asked, the Arab population of the West Bank is between 1.5 and 2.5 million.  So the ratio of Arabs to Jews is somewhere between 3 to 1 and 5 to 1.

The rightful sovereignty of the West Bank is disputed.  Those residents who want to kill or evict all the Jews call this area “Palestinian Territories” or “Occupied Territories” or “Palestine”, imagining themselves to be descendants of the Biblical Philistines and thus the land’s rightful owners.  Those residents who want to evict all the Arabs, or at least retain Jewish sovereignty there, call the area by its post-Joshua Biblical names “Judea and Samaria.”

Thus “West Bank” is useful as a neutral geographical place name.

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Goldstone Report Finally Recanted!

Richard Goldstone

Richard Goldstone

Israel’s most severe strategic challenges over the last two years have been Iran’s nuclear program, rockets aimed at its citizens, and the Goldstone Report.  This report was 2009’s  Big Lie from the UN’s ” Human Rights Council”, whose history of anti-Israel bias is old news.  The Report’s central, and most atrocious, assertion was that Israel intentionally killed Palestinian civilians during its invasion of Gaza. 

Well it’s two years too late to staunch the demonization of Israel that the report triggered, but the head of the panel, Richard Goldstone, has finally recanted the report!  He has issued a lengthy statement of correction, including: “civilians were not intentionally targeted”, and “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.” 

Israel has devoted considerable resources investigating more than four hundred accusations of misconduct arising from that anti-terrorist operation.  It is now clear that Israel did not intentionally harm civilians, and that its institutions and investigative bodies are worthy; while Hamas did intentionally fire on innocent civilians (and still does of course) and did not examine anything. 

Since everything that Israel has been saying all along has been proven true, and the leader of the Goldstone Report now recants his product, the next logical step would be for the UN’s Human Rights Council to withdraw the report.  Not likely to happen, given its prejudices; and even if it does, that won’t stop the usual crazies from continuing to cite it, just as they do the old discredited “Jenin Massacre” story.

Challenging times, yes.  But fret not overmuch; HaShem has the world in His hands.

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Pin-up Poster of Israeli Soccer Star Walid Badir

Pin-up Poster of Israeli Soccer Star Taleb Tawatha

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Israeli Products List

If you want to boycott Israel, here’s a helpful video that lists products and companies to avoid.  It doesn’t shirk from naming names.  It seems to be an updated and improved version of the video that Google pulled a while back.  Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

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Sexy Pin-up Poster of Miss Israel

Sexy Pin-up Poster of Miss IsraelRana Raslan was born March 17, 1977; and was named Miss Israel in 1999.  In Israel, the title is known as Israel’s Beauty Queen (“Malkat Hayofi”).  As Miss Israel, Rana was a contestant in the 1999 Miss Universe contest.

Rana is an Arab Israeli from Haifa.  She identifies herself as a “secular Muslim”, and was accused  by Muslim fundamentalists of immorality for participating in the bathing-suit portion of the beauty pageant.

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Remember to Forget Amalek

Hadassah Hospital, surdeon Josh Sofer

Surgeon Josh Sofer works on a victim at Hadassah Hospital

Even with Haman and his ten sons hanged, his spiritual descendants reappeared today to murder more innocents, this time by blowing up a bus stop in Jerusalem.  One person dead, and over fifty more are being treated in Jerusalem hospitals.

We were still reeling from the bloodthirsty murders in Itamar last Sabbath, where the Fogel family lost both parents and three of their beautiful young children.



The Scene of the Crime - Bus Stop in Jerusalem

The Scene of the Crime

A reminder:  Express your support of Israel’s victims of terror by demanding that our elected officials condemn these murders, even as Arabs in Gaza celebrate in the streets and pass out candies.  And donate to the OU’s Victims of Terrorism Fund.

May the upcoming Pesach holiday bring bring a much needed peace to the entire Jewish community and may the families of the martyred be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Give to the OU’s Victims of Terrorism Fund

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BUYcott! Is that a new dictionary word?

A BUYcott has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 30th.   That’s the day to mindfully purchase “Made in Israel” products, and to tell store managers you want to purchase Israeli goods.

Encourage them to carry products from Israel.

Why March 30th?

Well, it seems the usual gaggle of anti-Israel crazies have declared a boycott of all Israeli goods on March 30th. We want to mitigate or even reverse the effect of it.

Visit to find lists of Israeli-made items.

Every purchase counts!  Make a difference!


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Get Into the Light and Stand in It

Whether or not you can stand Glenn Beck’s domestic politics, he is one of the few American media outlets to cover what’s actually going on in Israel. Check out this video. Whenever Jewish children are the victims of premeditated murder by Arabs, most media outlets ignore it; there is no coverage. If the crime is so prominent that it can’t be covered up, some (like CNN) consistently try to blame the victims, while others attempt to justify as “natural” the private and public celebrations of the majority of Arabs in Gaza and elsewhere. These mainstream outlets distort the news to suggest that there is some sort of “escalating cycle of violence,” as though there were a moral equality between the Israelis, who mourn accidental collateral damage, and the majority in Gaza, who pass out celebratory candies in the streets with news of each premeditated murder. Compare these videos and see just how differently the same “news” can be fed to you!

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Middle East Peace Could Happen Wednesday

You know, the motto of Prager University is, “You give us five minutes, we’ll give you a semester.”  Well, I took many semesters on the question of the Middle-East conflict.   I was at the Middle-East Institute, in fact, at Colombia University.  That’s where I did my graduate work.   Semester after semester, discussing the Middle-east conflict, as if it was the most complex conflict in the world – when in fact, its probably the easiest conflict in the world to describe.  It may be the hardest to solve, but it is the easiest to describe.

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