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Range of Homemade Gazan Rockets (but the Iranian stuff flies all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusaem)

Hamas Rocket Range, for homemade Gazan rockets only.

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25% is in Range

Israel has an OBLIGATION to defend itself against terrorism.  Gaza is governed by the terrorist Hamas organization.
Click the map to enlarge it.

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A Shell Game

Tammuz Missile

They spent a lot of Money to make sure Nobody got hit.

Israel used an expensive precision missile containing advanced ‘electro-optic’ technology, an advanced form of the ‘Tammuz”; with guidance based on longer range ‘Spike’ navigation system from ‘RADS’.

Though the General claims that all and any Syrian battery firing into Israel may be targeted, and that they do not know if there were any Syrian casualties at the targeted artillery post they fired on, it is quite Obvious that they spent a lot of Money to make sure Nobody got hit.

Later IDF official spokesperson called it a warning.

Israeli Soldier With Spike Launcher

After the shot, Israel also warned the United Nations to caution Syria to curtail the accidental firing by Syria — now amounting to seven or eight wayward shells — into Israel.

They stated that it is clear the Syrians were targeting other Syrians along the border, but that no more wayward shells would be tolerated.

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A Billion Here, a Billion There…America Sets Another World Record

Osama got Bin Laden; I'll get Big Bird!Well it’s official!  Both Obama and Romney have spent over one BILLION dollars each on their respective campaigns!  This is a record sum in the history of U.S. elections!   (Hooray for Citizens United!)

To put this in perspective:  That is more than FOUR TIMES the entire annual budget of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which Romney said he will shut down to help balance the budget deficit!

The CPB’s annual budget is composed almost entirely of an annual appropriation from Congress, plus interest on those funds.  For fiscal year 2012, its appropriation was US$445.2 million (including $1M in interest earned).  That’s less than one-fourth of this year’s presidential campaign spending!

Romney’s answer to Jim Lehrer’s debate question about how Romney was going to achieve the 5 trillion dollars of savings needed to fund his proposed military expansion and his proposed tax cuts for oil companies and the wealthy, while balancing the budget at the same time, was to say that he’d start by axing CPB (although he prefaced it by remarking that he likes both Lehrer and Big Bird).

Five trillion divided by five-hundred million is TWO THOUSAND.   You would have to kill the Corporation for Public Broadcasting TWO THOUSAND TIMES to raise that kind of money!

Even if CPB were among the government services that should be cut to save money, how could that be the first answer to the question?!?!?  Axing the CPB, wouldn’t make a dent.

Obviously, Romney’s answer was not a practical one; it was a bone thrown to the far-right, which hates NPR and PBS. Read the rest of this entry »

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Romney Dumped Toxic Chemicals for Profit on Helpless Peasants

Not only do Scott Brown’s campaign ads feature bizarre caricatures of Elizabeth Warren’s face, but Scott Brown even told an interviewer that he thanks God that his Democratic opponent never posed nude — the way he did.
Apparently he thinks that mocking her appearance will win an election for him. Does this fascist pawn think I should vote based on looks?

” Elizabeth Warren wants to give your money to Illegals !! ”

I had to look at the bumpy, wrinkled, angry, mump-ridden, Photoshopped face, and see and hear the screaming racist headline, every few minutes of Sunday evening football. Carl Rove done, american crossroads.  She was waving a fist as the voice-over warned people that she was railing to give your hard earned money away to “Illegals” —  people who from the name really should be locked up or killed.

I really should move to Canada as soon as possible.  They actually have a society, and leaders, instead of this crap.

Do you suppose they don’t know that many immigrants watch football? Or, rather, there is more to gain pandering to racists than to immigrants?

Though they are calculating rather than sincere, there must be more immigrants than racists (i hope).  I think the true colors show when they go blatantly for a racist minority. (They are a minority aren’t they? Maybe not…)

If anybody can post to blogs or send email to swing states my earlier post linking Romney to Agent Orange, post it please.  It’s not as false or nasty as Rove… but how old was Romney when they dumped it?  But it is the same fascist money backing him.

So,.. “Romney dumped toxic chemicals for profit on helpless peasants. ” …Headline Ready. Read the rest of this entry »

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Romney’s Tax Evasion Scheme Was Legal When he Began Doing It

Romney has used the tax-exempt status of the Mormon Church to defer taxes for more than fifteen years!  All the time that he was (and still is) benefiting, the trust provided the church with less than what current law requires.

This is according to tax returns obtained by Bloomberg this month through a Freedom of Information Act.

In general, charities don’t owe capital gains taxes when they sell assets for a profit.  Trusts like Romney’s permit funders to benefit from that tax-free treatment.

Jonathan Blattmachr, a trusts and estates lawyer who set up hundreds of such vehicles in the 1990s, says:  “The main benefit from a charitable remainder trust is the renting from your favorite charity of its exemption from taxation.”   Despite the name, giving a gift or getting a charitable deduction “is just a throwaway,” he said. “I used to structure them so the value dedicated to charity was as close to zero as possible without being zero.”

Congress aggressively cracked down on this rich man’s scheme in 1997, but Romney was grandfathered in because he established his tax shelter in 1996 while he was an executive at Bain Capital.

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Larry Flynt Knows What’s Obscene

Larry Flynt

How do you remember Larry Flynt from forty-something years ago?

I recall: After fighting every legal fight he could pick for his right to publish and sell obscene pornographic photos, regardless of community standards or anything else — these photos were nothing compared to what teenagers can see free on the internet today, but were shocking at the time — so he went all through it, declaring anyone could publish the most extremely shocking obscene photos they wanted under First Amendment protection.

After establishing that, he said he intended to go ahead and print the most obscene photos ever. So he had got a lot of publicity by then.

He then came out with an issue of his controversial Hustler magazine (a porno mag that he had forced lawyers, and judges, and TV news viewers to become aware of) full of page after page of focused glossy shots of blown apart young Americans, brains, piles of dead people missing limbs from some explosion, all recognizable as American teenagers, it went on and on. people last seen on some high school field were seen with guts hanging out. censored combat photos.

Then Flynt was shot but survived in a wheelchair. I think around the time Wallace was shot, and also in a wheelchair. (Seems somehow connected in my mind, both extremists of sorts within the social revolution, who ended up shot and paralyzed.)

Today he offers a million dollars to anyone disclosing Mitt’s missing tax records.

I was unaware till now that he brought down the incoming Republican House Speaker by this tactic during the Clinton impeachment. He was forced to resign immediately the girl raised her hand, as they were in the midst of chastising Clinton for infidelity.

And I do believe Flynt paid the million to the party possessing the proof of the affair. Such a crazy and expensive political tactic might disclose a lot of… Read the rest of this entry »

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Neo-con Round-up Blues

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Baby

Reaction to Maureen Dowd’s NYT column, “My Mitt Fantasy” (10/23) :

I think she is grasping to find something to write about, but talk of a tie is fun, remotely possible, and making the rounds. Her image of Sidekick Joe mugging behind Mitt’s back is great.

But she also reminds us that the NeoCons are the power, drawing the huge money from those few warmonger industrialists, and feeding it to Mitt’s folks.  They inflict the US to policy decisions based on how much money will go into a few evil pockets, not on what is best for the country, or the world’s future.

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Baby

Those are the same neo-cons who backed Nixon, profited from Vietnam, and push decisions like dropping planeloads of “Round-Up” weed killer (agent orange) onto hundreds of square miles of populated forest land so a chemical company owner can pocket millions of taxpayer dollars, pretending it to be a war tactic.  (For those who don’t recall:  it sickened and killed friend, foe, us, them, the animals, and a big patch of the planet for decades.)

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Babies

Here a decent view from the Right on Gupta getting jail time; he’s not yet served any and will appeal.

Also if you missed it this week, Holder pushed a CIA leak case, pushing all leaks equally; and the agent who tried to stop torture ordered by Bush Neocon group, got the same time Scooter Libby got when he took the fall for poppy bush outing the agent whose husband refused to cook up fake WMD intel on Saddam.

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Rocketman From Qatar

It really is too weird. I thought we owned Qatar.

I see no news on the 55+/- rockets fired into Israel at some point in the past 8 hours. All the western papers just say the Qatar guy is visiting Hamas. They used the occasion of the visit to shoot 60 rockets, and his money is made possible by the US. It’s all getting way too weird.

The BBC has a headline that says, Israel jets fire on Gaza.

Nothing in the Times.

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Then They Began Shutting the American Factories

Scott Brown: Abs You Can Believe In

On NPR this morning Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views as opposed to Brown…Duh.

We all remember what Bush said when asked His opinion on Row versus Wade??  (He didn’t care how they got out of New Orleans, but they had to Leave Town.!.)

Gee, when you let Nature wipe out minority property owners it’s quicker than a giant mortgage bond scam…
…and privatize the clean-up to Dick Cheney, who left the illegal workers unpaid on the street while stealing on the billing and ignoring employer FICA, …
…it can make almost as much money as creating and privatizing a war, to Dick Cheney.

The term neo-con seems to have been squelched. You remember it?  The Neo-cons came in with Nixon. You recall the photo of Rumsfeld hugging Saddam Hussein in the White House?

These neo-cons have not left the stage, merely stepped out of the limelight. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, even bumbling fools like Ashcroft, are still around. Nixon got taken out of the picture, the rest kept going. Forty of their folks were indicted in Reagan’s first term, breaking the corruption record set by General Grant during “reconstruction”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cleveland Plain Dealer backs Obama !!

Still shot of Romney and Obama — extracted from the video of the second debate.

This conservative paper backed both Bushes, and Raygun. Comes out strong for Obama, citing the reasons. It’s on the early morning news, so it must be out in print for the Sunday Cleveland paper. Great stuff, and it renews faith in the literacy, research capacity, and independence of the press in traditionally ‘conservative’ strongholds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Give it Another Thousand Years

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

I have looked into Stewart’s assertion and it seems to be true.  Ryan had his campaign bus visit a shelter where he was not asked nor scheduled to volunteer.  He went in with his camera men and reporters from the bus.

He picked up some clean pots and pans, and pretended to wash them, while pictures were taken.  He then spoke some preordained banter about how he once had a dish-washing job while a student.  After a few moments, the reporters and cameras were ushered back to the bus.

Some minutes later, Ryan came out and a small group of men had gathered outside, appearing as if they were homeless people.  Ryan approached them and appeared to be talking to them.  Although the cameras were ushered back off the bus, the reporters were told to stay seated; they were not to get off the bus.  Pictures were taken, then they re-boarded the bus and all rolled away.

These criminals are a real piece of work.  When the reporters asked why they couldn’t accompany the photographers back outside the shelter, they were told Read the rest of this entry »

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