Cleveland Plain Dealer backs Obama !!

Still shot of Romney and Obama — extracted from the video of the second debate.

This conservative paper backed both Bushes, and Raygun. Comes out strong for Obama, citing the reasons. It’s on the early morning news, so it must be out in print for the Sunday Cleveland paper. Great stuff, and it renews faith in the literacy, research capacity, and independence of the press in traditionally ‘conservative’ strongholds.

The press in Ohio and Utah still are not papers from former slave states, but they are not pandering to prejudice nor accepting of fabrication. It is good that today’s endorsement includes a bit of depth in explaining their reasoning, which bring out the strong accomplishments of the administration. I haven’t read the two papers this week, I guess I’ll go read them first hand this morning.

They are also not from the always red states in parts of the west where the demographics show very low levels of education, and similar to the deep south, belief in superstition, and white supremacy, a sort of violent xenophobia. I do believe this is slowly improving, but the level of ignorance, even in many people within New York and Massachusetts, is simply staggering.

In my mixing with what seem to be normal common people I’ve met those who’ve never heard of Michelangelo, who vaguely confuse Austria and Australia, as they know only that it is a country somewhere. I know of people in the state from two immigrant locations, and lately more, that do not know the symbols for numbers. Some exist near an animal level, some are far in advance of that, and a frightening thing is that some are adamant in their confused ideas.

I’ve met a New York City immigrant who is a Muslim who seems to think, from what little I could glean, that it is a goal that all people be Muslim, just as there are unenlightened Christians, believing their experience of spiritual grace has enlightened them, who believe all people should be Christian. As we know from experience, we ignore the uneducated at our peril, just as when we ignore or pander to those that are greed-filled or evil, even if they be sophisticated.

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  1. #1 by Jewish Jihad on November 6, 2012 - 12:17 am

    I too am surrounded by mind-numbing idiocy.

    In the black-hat circles around Boston, where I work and daven, colleagues and fellow minyan-men challenge my support of Obama by incredulously demanding to know why I don’t understand that President Obama is a muslim and anti-semite.

    The kids in the local frum day-schools repeat to each other what they can only have heard at home: that the President is not a citizen because he was not born in America. This from the mouths of third graders who don’t even know what Hawaii and Indonesia are.

    You want to argue about performance, political philosophy, or specific real policies and issues? Great. But appalling ignorance from birthers in black hats are a chillul HaShem.

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