Do You Love Moses Enough?

The Prophet Abraham!Just received from an intemperate correspondent:

Maybe we Jews should have a “Love the Prophet Day” as has been proclaimed by the Pakistani government.

To celebrate our love of Moses we could engage in violent riotous protests, goad the police to shoot and kill a few demonstrators to really get things going; then, to follow closely their excellent and exciting program, burn a random movie theater owned by a fellow Jew because we take umbrage with Charlton Heston’s insulting performance.

Of course to really follow their lead in fervent worship we should scream how we want death to all those different from us. If we can’t get at anyone different because we’ve driven them all out of the country, we can always stone one or two of our own kind in frustration. Maybe only a few Reforms will show up and the Orthodox can beat them; or perhaps only a few Orthodox will show up and the Reform women can bare their breasts to chase them away. And all the Rabbi’s can lead and rile the mob as the Imams do. What fun!

Hollywood could have prevented all this by hiring a real Jew to play the role!  And shouting death to the Germans would not be so awful…

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