Foreskin Man

foreskin man - anti-semitic comic book about circumcisionMost of the Californians who would ban a bris are well-meaning but ignorant; only a few are ill intentioned.   But the foolishness and the antisemitism become conflated when you watch their videos or read their written materials.

Their rhetoric often describes painful practices and botched operations performed by doctors in hospitals, rather than the practices of mohelim in synagogues.  Those hospital practices are irrelevant to traditional Jews.  A bris doesn’t happen in a hospital; a bris typically happens in shul, right after the Shacharit (daily morning) service.

antisemitic comic book distorts JudaismAnd we’d never use an ordinary doctor, only a mohel.  First, because we Jews are required to have a bris, not a mere circumcision.  (A medically circumcised Jew, or a baby born without a foreskin, still needs to have a bris.)  Second, an experienced mohel is medically preferable to an experienced doctor; he typically has done hundreds if not thousands of these minor operations, and he does nothing else; while a doctor does many different procedures, including perhaps only dozens of circumcisions.

Antisemites project thier own evil onto their fantasies of Judaism.  Here gun-toting rabbis abduct children to circumcize them, like the forced baptisms of past centuries.  In this antisemitic fantasy, these rabbis lust for the taste of the baby's blood

Antisemites project thier own evil onto their fantasies of Judaism. Here, gun-toting rabbis abduct children to circumcise them, like the forced baptisms by Christians of past centuries. In this antisemitic fantasy, these rabbis lust for the taste of the baby's blood.

Some anti-bris promotional materials are quite inflammatory, showing babies being strapped to boards to immobilize them for the convenience of a doctor.  This of course does not happen at a Jewish bris, where the baby rests on a pillow in the lap of the sandek, a loving relative, typically a grandparent.


The great majority of the protesters have never seen a traditional bris, and some harbor antisemitic emotional baggage.  To see this blend of ignorance and antisemitism in action — and I do mean action! — check out Foreskin Man, an anti-semitic comic book that advocates for a federal ban on circumcision.

foreskin man - anti-semitic comic book seeks federal ban on Jewish brisThe URL is  Each issue features an immodestly dressed woman on the cover.   (Is this intended to be a gentile or just a non-traditional Jew?)  This young mother is being physically restrained, often by what are supposed to be orthodox Jews (but whose beards and hats look Amish rather than Jewish), while some doctor or Monster Mohel from anti-semitic fantasy, with enough blood spattered all over his clothes to drain a cow, struggles with the superhero Foreskin Man as the woman is crying or struggling nearby.

On one issue’s cover, the circumcision is being done on a pool table!  (What would orthodox Jews be doing in a pool hall?)

Foreskin Man and its anti-semitism aside, sometimes the well-meaning protesters simply argue based on their philosophy.  They do not understand that God wants us to be his partners in Creation and that He left part of the job of perfecting ourselves to us, to perfect ourselves physically just as in every other way.  The California pop culture, like the ancient Greek culture, worships the attractive body and imagines that a human body is born physically perfected.   This is their religion, different from ours, but not actionable in US Law.

antisemitic collector cards associated with the Foreskin Man comic book

Collector cards are associated with each villain in the Foreskin Man comic book.

For four thousand years we Jews have survived better than any other nation or culture; and whenever the playing field wasn’t a dangerously tilted anti-semitic minefield, we have excelled.  This would suggest that we haven’t been too debilitated by our circumcisions.

I’m also happy to go through life with a reduced risk of penile cancer and urinary tract infections.  While California is debating banning circumcisions, world health organizations are considering officially recommending circumcisions for everyone.  Their main motivation (reducing heterosexual AIDS transmission) is not relevant within the orthodox Jewish community, but it’s nice to have their support.

  1. #1 by Ed on June 7, 2011 - 9:12 pm

    The antisemites want our little heads to be covered, and our big heads uncovered. They’ve got it backwards!

  2. #2 by Sam on June 7, 2011 - 9:27 pm

    Judaism is an alternative to the classical world of polygamy, pederasty and child sacrifice; it replaces that triad with heterosexual marriage and circumcision. There is a homosexual culture that holds a deep grudge against Judaism. This SF circumcision legislation is a pointer to the deeper issue: a choice to be made between the pagan and the Judeo-Christian.

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