Give it Another Thousand Years

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

I have looked into Stewart’s assertion and it seems to be true.  Ryan had his campaign bus visit a shelter where he was not asked nor scheduled to volunteer.  He went in with his camera men and reporters from the bus.

He picked up some clean pots and pans, and pretended to wash them, while pictures were taken.  He then spoke some preordained banter about how he once had a dish-washing job while a student.  After a few moments, the reporters and cameras were ushered back to the bus.

Some minutes later, Ryan came out and a small group of men had gathered outside, appearing as if they were homeless people.  Ryan approached them and appeared to be talking to them.  Although the cameras were ushered back off the bus, the reporters were told to stay seated; they were not to get off the bus.  Pictures were taken, then they re-boarded the bus and all rolled away.

These criminals are a real piece of work.  When the reporters asked why they couldn’t accompany the photographers back outside the shelter, they were told there was nothing they could report, as it was not scripted.  It was pretty obvious that it was a fake set up, as the shelter’s meals had been served hours ago, and the fed men had all left.  Apparently they are not letting any unscripted nor unvetted words from Ryan reach the public, and they don’t feel a need to hide it much.

Local reporters following up were told by shelter volunteers that hours earlier ten local shelter workers and volunteers had fed one hundred eighty men.  Also that although the clean-up from this was done, there were still a few dirty dishes piled there that had not been cleaned.  But it was made quite clear by the real volunteers to the local reporter that Ryan didn’t go near those, just soaped and rinsed some already clean pots while being filmed.

A truly sick SOB, he just reflects the real criminality of the whole fascist gang.  They are not too happy their chosen ignorant lackey, Governor Perry, who was too stupid and racist to play outside of Texas and the other slave states.  At least the Mormon is not directly an illegal gun-runner and cocaine importer, like Poppy Bush, and his idjit lackey kid, The Texas Shrub.

I know we are all working hard to keep the criminals and fascists from regaining a stranglehold on the country.  If their minions are given any credence, and they certainly have shown themselves worthy of none, causes that will bring the impending paradise closer, like justice and peace, will be set back for another generation, or at least for four years of mind-numbing crap.

I think we are nearing the goal;  it’s been about 5,700 years now of working on this, and I give it another thousand.  We are nearing a dominion over nature and the reconnection of all peoples.  My teenage son thinks he may see fruition in his lifetime.  Thank G-d for the idealism and energy of youth.

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