Goldstone Report Finally Recanted!

Richard Goldstone

Richard Goldstone

Israel’s most severe strategic challenges over the last two years have been Iran’s nuclear program, rockets aimed at its citizens, and the Goldstone Report.  This report was 2009’s  Big Lie from the UN’s ” Human Rights Council”, whose history of anti-Israel bias is old news.  The Report’s central, and most atrocious, assertion was that Israel intentionally killed Palestinian civilians during its invasion of Gaza. 

Well it’s two years too late to staunch the demonization of Israel that the report triggered, but the head of the panel, Richard Goldstone, has finally recanted the report!  He has issued a lengthy statement of correction, including: “civilians were not intentionally targeted”, and “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.” 

Israel has devoted considerable resources investigating more than four hundred accusations of misconduct arising from that anti-terrorist operation.  It is now clear that Israel did not intentionally harm civilians, and that its institutions and investigative bodies are worthy; while Hamas did intentionally fire on innocent civilians (and still does of course) and did not examine anything. 

Since everything that Israel has been saying all along has been proven true, and the leader of the Goldstone Report now recants his product, the next logical step would be for the UN’s Human Rights Council to withdraw the report.  Not likely to happen, given its prejudices; and even if it does, that won’t stop the usual crazies from continuing to cite it, just as they do the old discredited “Jenin Massacre” story.

Challenging times, yes.  But fret not overmuch; HaShem has the world in His hands.

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