Larry Flynt Knows What’s Obscene

Larry Flynt

How do you remember Larry Flynt from forty-something years ago?

I recall: After fighting every legal fight he could pick for his right to publish and sell obscene pornographic photos, regardless of community standards or anything else — these photos were nothing compared to what teenagers can see free on the internet today, but were shocking at the time — so he went all through it, declaring anyone could publish the most extremely shocking obscene photos they wanted under First Amendment protection.

After establishing that, he said he intended to go ahead and print the most obscene photos ever. So he had got a lot of publicity by then.

He then came out with an issue of his controversial Hustler magazine (a porno mag that he had forced lawyers, and judges, and TV news viewers to become aware of) full of page after page of focused glossy shots of blown apart young Americans, brains, piles of dead people missing limbs from some explosion, all recognizable as American teenagers, it went on and on. people last seen on some high school field were seen with guts hanging out. censored combat photos.

Then Flynt was shot but survived in a wheelchair. I think around the time Wallace was shot, and also in a wheelchair. (Seems somehow connected in my mind, both extremists of sorts within the social revolution, who ended up shot and paralyzed.)

Today he offers a million dollars to anyone disclosing Mitt’s missing tax records.

I was unaware till now that he brought down the incoming Republican House Speaker by this tactic during the Clinton impeachment. He was forced to resign immediately the girl raised her hand, as they were in the midst of chastising Clinton for infidelity.

And I do believe Flynt paid the million to the party possessing the proof of the affair. Such a crazy and expensive political tactic might disclose a lot of…

Well, now these private bounty hunter lawyers of Holder’s are the same thing. They’re raking in tens or hundreds of millions by it in the reward money. I only noticed because they contributed millions to Obama.–election.html?cid=outbrain

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