Life and Death in Har Nof: A First-Hand Account

yicara weiskoffI wrote the following yesterday, during the “lock-down” in Har Nof, during and after the massacre, while we were waiting to be able to leave our bulding – ie. waiting for the search copters to stop circling and leave.  It WAS on my [Facebook] Timeline, then wasn’t for some reason. So, as per request of some people I’d messaged it to, I’m posting it again.  It follows.

Dear Family and Friends,

I feel compelled to write this to you.

Terrorists killed 5 men and injured 13 more, some critically, in our neighborhood about an hour ago. During our morning prayer services, 2 or 3 Palestinian extremists, ie. terrorists, entered a shul/synagogue where my husband davens/prays regularly. They had knives, axes, and guns. They began stabbing and hacking, then shooting the daveners. Police arrived quickly, and shot 2 of the terrorists in a gunfight. Helicopters are still circling around our neighborhood, which indicates that the other terrorist, or additional terrorists, may still be on the loose here. Please, G-d/B’ezrat Hashem, may there be no more deaths resulting. May all the injured live to have a refuah shlemah/complete healing. And may Hashem help the wives and children of those precious husbands and sons who were killed. Baruch Hashem/Thanks be to G-d, my own precious husband was not at that shul this morning.

We, and most residents, are staying indoors until the helicopters leave.

And what will be the results? Mourning and tragic consequences for the Jews involved and for their families. Public celebrations in the streets of Palestinian neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem. The Palestinians will deem the terrorists to be martyrs, will dispute and distort the facts, and will claim a blood libel- ie they will say that this is justified retribution for “Jews killing an Arab bus driver” (who the examining doctors – both Arab and Jewish – say was not hung by other/s but hung himself in an act of Suicide). The Palestinians will celebrate openly in the streets in large numbers, as is their way. The families of the “martyrs” will be praised in the Arab newspapers, and will be well provided for economically by stockpiled funds, from oil-rich Arab nations, which are known to be provided (both beforehand and after the fact) to the PLO and Palestinian terrorist organizations for the purpose of enticing such acts of violence and for rewarding and supporting the families of those who commit terrorism against Jews. This adds to the warped sense of “pride” with which wives and children of terrorists speak publicly, as they praise Allah for “their” terrorist’ s “courage” and “ability” to “provide for” his family. DISGRACEFUL, in the true sense of the term!!!

How can their thinking be so distorted??? Death, maiming and injuring are to be avoided, not sought after and lauded. Things don’t Have to be this way. May people return to their senses. May the world see the end of divisiveness and its results. May all people enjoy mutual respect and celebrate peace.

Please understand, the need to Do something at a time like this compelled my decision to write to you. It doesn’t change the facts or improve the situation, but it helped me. Thank you.

PS. I’m writing an update here. It’s now mid afternoon. Preparations are being made to hold the funerals today on the street just outside the synagogue where 5 died: 1 neighborhood policeman and 4 while worshiping. Another 5 are very critically injured. And 8 more are badly injured. The 3rd perpetrator escaped, probably by car. It’s said that he drove the other 2 to the scene and was awaiting them when the gunfight broke out. The 2 murderers are cousins who were familiar with the synagogue floor plan and the times of worship.. One reportedly was a worker, perhaps a delivery person, at a small market/makolet just down the street from the synagogue/shul where this occurred.

Israeli Arabs have full citizenship with all its privileges and rights, elected representatives in the government, and a strong voice in national affairs – all bespeaking a status for them that remains unheard of in the other Middle Eastern countries and in much of the world. They also have access to higher education and a higher standard of living than in the other Middle Eastern countries and most countries of the world. None of their “rage” and subsequent violence is due to economic oppression, as claimed, but rather to the Arab leaders’ and media’s lies to their own people, plus to the economic enticements – ie. monetary payments that they hand out to the families of those who commit terrorist acts against Jews in the guise of enraged, oppressed victims. And the world buys into this, time after time! How little the world understands!!!

Already this afternoon the extremists in Abbas’s Ramallah and PLO territories as well as the extremists duped by Hamas in Gaza have been handing out candies on the streets as a symbol of the “Sweetness” they experience from these killings.

This paints the picture of a sad world, getting sadder. But there’s always a balancing. One way or another, B’ezrat Hashem/by the grace of G-d, good will grow from this too.

Michael/Yoel and I will attend the funeral, of course. All adults from Har Nof’s 30,000+ residents will attend. We all mourn the loss.

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