More Evil From Uncle Google

evil google Uncle Google, that paragon of hypocrisy, has done it again.  When videos of Jewish interest get posted on YouTube, antisemitic diatribes follow in the comments, often in the form of Israel-bashing, often filled with obscenities and half-baked misunderstandings. Uncle Google doesn’t mind this.  Neither does it mind posts of deceptive Israel-bashing videos. But truthful and effective pro-Israel videos are censored for “terms of service” violations.  The latest victim is video # wU221GA5-u8

Video # wU221GA5-u8 is  a tongue-in-cheek instructional program about “How to Boycott Israel.”  By listing all the products you’d need to give up (e.g., medical stents, personal computers, cell phones, etc.)  it demonstrated how much ordinary people owe Israel and how unproductive efforts to hurt her are.

Earlier victims of Google include most of the posts provided by the Israeli Air Force, showing their actual recorded videos of live military operations, including bombings.  Submissions purporting to show Israeli atrocities are fine with Google, but the truth is not.

If anyone has saved a copy of  wU221GA5-u8  (or if the original producers will provide me with a copy)  I will happily host it on my own servers and display it here.

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