Neo-con Round-up Blues

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Baby

Reaction to Maureen Dowd’s NYT column, “My Mitt Fantasy” (10/23) :

I think she is grasping to find something to write about, but talk of a tie is fun, remotely possible, and making the rounds. Her image of Sidekick Joe mugging behind Mitt’s back is great.

But she also reminds us that the NeoCons are the power, drawing the huge money from those few warmonger industrialists, and feeding it to Mitt’s folks.  They inflict the US to policy decisions based on how much money will go into a few evil pockets, not on what is best for the country, or the world’s future.

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Baby

Those are the same neo-cons who backed Nixon, profited from Vietnam, and push decisions like dropping planeloads of “Round-Up” weed killer (agent orange) onto hundreds of square miles of populated forest land so a chemical company owner can pocket millions of taxpayer dollars, pretending it to be a war tactic.  (For those who don’t recall:  it sickened and killed friend, foe, us, them, the animals, and a big patch of the planet for decades.)

Vietnamese Agent-Orange Babies

Here a decent view from the Right on Gupta getting jail time; he’s not yet served any and will appeal.

Also if you missed it this week, Holder pushed a CIA leak case, pushing all leaks equally; and the agent who tried to stop torture ordered by Bush Neocon group, got the same time Scooter Libby got when he took the fall for poppy bush outing the agent whose husband refused to cook up fake WMD intel on Saddam.

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