The #2 Republican is a #1 Antisemite

Warren Chisum

Warren Chisum

According to Warren Chisum (the second most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, and a former Chair of the House Appropriations Committee) evolution is a religious doctrine introduced two thousand years ago by the “Pharisaic Religion.”

Chisum wrote a letter of support that was attached to a bizarre memo being circulated by Ben Bridges (a Georgia State Representative), citing several profoundly antisemitic websites as proof that evolution stems from “rabbinic writings in the… kabala.”

Bridges and Chisum thus tried to kill two birds with one stone:   If evolution is a religious doctrine, then it ought to be banned in public schools;  and if it came from the Jews then it must be evil.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Your YouTube Away From YouTube: The Three Terrors

I hate to waste bandwidth duplicating other sites’ contents, but YouTube’s nasty habit of deleting pro-Israel videos leads me to post this video here to preserve it. The Three Terrors (a parody of The Three Tenors) isn’t as well done as the “We Con the World” video that YouTube recently took down (still preserved here at Jewish Jihad — see two posts ago). Nevertheless, The Three Terrors doesn’t deserve to be deleted by the “Censors of Zion.”  So here it is and here it will remain: Read the rest of this entry »

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Did the New Israel Fund send money to Hezbollah?

Ameer Makhoul

Ameer Makhoul

[1/19/2011:  In the interest of fairness and accuracy, please consider the New Israel Fund’s response to this article.  It is the first comment appearing below the article.  — Editor]

The man who oversaw allocation of Washington’s New Israel Fund has been indicted for treason as a secret agent of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Ameer Makhoul, a leader of the Israeli Arab Community, was indicted last month on charges of treason.  Makhoul admitted that he provided the Hezbollah terrorist organization with information about security at Israeli Army bases, facilities belonging to Israel’s General Security Services, and defense industry sites throughout Israel.  He is also charged with giving Hezbollah information during the Second Lebanon War (in the summer of 2006) about where rockets fell in Haifa, to help improve their aim. Read the rest of this entry »

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The USA-Egypt-Israel Arms Embargo of Gaza is Now a Music Video!

The USA-Egypt-Israel agreement regarding the weapons embargo of Gaza specifies a fifty-mile limit on naval inspections.  Israel’s recent enforcement of the weapons embargo is being portrayed as human rights abuse by The Usual Suspects, who pretend that this is an aid embargo or a travel embargo.

When the navy inspection personnel boarded one of the nine “human aid” ships from Turkey, “Peace activists” and “observers” on board the ship attacked with knives and metal pipes .  Much of the press attacked Israel for (eventually) defending themselves.   Fortunately, a video (included below) preserves what really happened.

But first, here is a music video offered as a refreshing corrective, which has the added benefit of being entertaining. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome to Nazi History Month

Robert McDonnell, Virginia's New Racist Governor

Virginia's New Racist Governor

The new governor of Virginia, Robert McDonnell, took office in January.   From his state capital in Richmond, which is also the former capital of the Confederacy, he issued a state proclamation celebrating April as “Confederate History Month.”  Amazingly, the proclamation contained no mention of slavery.
Read the rest of this entry »

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IBM’s Anti-Semitic Whacko is Back!

IBM and the HolocaustCharles A. Antonelli, a Delivery Compliance Administrator for IBM Global Services in Boston, has submitted a bill to the Massachusetts General Court that would ban Jewish and Moslem circumcision.  Jews and Moslems would be punished by fines, imprisonment for up to fourteen years, or both. Read the rest of this entry »

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More Evil From Uncle Google

evil google Uncle Google, that paragon of hypocrisy, has done it again.  When videos of Jewish interest get posted on YouTube, antisemitic diatribes follow in the comments, often in the form of Israel-bashing, often filled with obscenities and half-baked misunderstandings. Uncle Google doesn’t mind this.  Neither does it mind posts of deceptive Israel-bashing videos. But truthful and effective pro-Israel videos are censored for “terms of service” violations.  The latest victim is video # wU221GA5-u8 Read the rest of this entry »

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A Light Unto the Nations…yet again

Israeli Rescue Workers in Haiti

Israeli Rescue Workers in Haiti

In case you’ve just emerged from a month in a cave, here’s what’s new:  Haiti has suffered the worst earthquake to hit the Western Hemisphere in two hundred years.  When the bodies are all accounted for, there might be 100,000 dead.

Here’s what’s not new:

The UK (population: 61 million) sent sixty-four firemen and eight volunteers.
China (population: 1,326 million) sent fifty rescuers and seven journalists.
The twenty-five nations of the Arab League (population: 340 million) sent nothing.

Also nothing new:

Israel (population: 7.5 million) immediately sent two jumbo jets with more than 220 doctors, nurses, civil engineers, and other experienced search and rescue personnel. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ten Strategies to Avert or Survive a Financial Crises

prayerFollowing these ten directives from classical Jewish sources will help you weather financial downturns while strengthening your trust in Hashem:

Whenever you say the words “Baruch Atah Hashem…“, think of Hashem as the Master of Everything and Source of All Blessings.

Learn the laws of Tzedakah and Maaser scrupulously, and set up a special fund to ensure you give properly.

Accept the responsibility of daily Torah Study upon yourself, and the burden of your financial obligations may be eased.

Pray for a friend who has a similar need; you may be answered first.

Say a personal tefillah of gratitude for every small improvement; and make a resolution to recite Nishmat when your situation improves dramatically, to show your appreciation for Hashem’s help.

Invest your money according to the directives of Chazal:  a third in real estate, a third in business (i.e., stocks), and hold a third in cash. Read the rest of this entry »

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UNESCO Narrowly Avoids Anti-Semite as Leader

Farouk Hosny: Egypt, UNESCO, antisemite

Farouk Hosny

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosny, who last year said that he would burn all Hebrew books in Egyptian libraries, only narrowly lost the election to become head of the U.N. culture-and-education body.   Hosny blamed a “group of the world’s Jews” for the defeat.   Read the rest of this entry »

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