Israel’s Robot Army Coming to a Town Near You!

The U. S. military is building a robot army to wage war against Americans on behalf of Israel.  That’s according to The Sovereign, a far-right and white-supremacist magazine.

Kind of reminds me of that old joke about Jews, Masons, and the Queen of England conspiring to enslave the world by getting everyone addicted to drugs.

I can see the new version now:  “Why robots?”  /  “Why Israel!”

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The Country Should be Punished for Electing Him

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - a still photo extracted from the video of the second debate

Mitt (“Corporations are people too.”) Romney and Barack Obama – a still photo extracted from the video of the second debate

Top Republicans say the government shutdown was at least a small victory.  Thanks to the shutdown, nobody is thinking about fixing the sequester — once called going over the cliff.  So those blind cuts continue. 

The Republicans have made some progress in breaking the country. That is the actual goal of these fascists when they are not in power. That has been one of their ways of gaining power internationally as well, sowing chaos, economic stress, and division, whenever they are not on top.

And to be kept out by a black guy really pisses them off.  The country is to be punished for electing him.  

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Happy New Year! Thank you, Israel.

Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

The Admiral Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

Before the holiday begins tonight, we should appreciate how beautiful Obama’s delay is on Syria.

We have a full self-contained Marine ground invasion force steaming there by ship, quite visibly… like the Brits did with the Falklands.  It has beach landing crafts, two-thousand troops (although they claim they have only(!) three-hundred ground force aboard;  also amphibious hovercraft, helicopters, and vertical take-off support attack jets, ospreys, and harriers.   Nice.  It’ll be coming up the Red Sea toward Suez.

The Nimitz carrier group got under way for its scheduled return to its Washington State home, but ‘spun about’ and is ‘steaming’ steadily toward the Red Sea.

On the weekend, they stacked two-hundred Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian coast, having brought up two more missile destroyers from the western Mediterranian, making it now five destroyers up close.   (Anyone remember Zeigfried in “Get Smart”?   “Nuthingk… Nuthingk…  Five destroyers…  Nuthingk…”)

It’s all for show, of course, since we could hit them using only land-based planes from Aviano, Qatar, etc.

At first the Arabs laughed at Obama’s weakness in delaying and looking to congress.  Not for long.  The final blow that sent him sweating bullets was shooting off the two missiles without warning yesterday.

Russian early warning satellites detected them and sent the panic incoming to Assad.   After an hour or so of silence, Russia broke and publicly asked what the heck is going on.

We said nothing.

Eventually Israel says, “Oh, what? yea, we were testing some tracking gear.”

Love it! Read the rest of this entry »

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Six More Rockets Pound Israel, Shaking Cease-Fire Resolve

There is a miserable AP headline this morning. CBC picked it up, and then it got to Google News.

Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip
Egyptian-brokered ceasefire in the area has mainly held

What garbage! Here’s a correction:

Israel Responds to Gaza Rockets
six more rockets pound Israel, shaking ceasefire resolve

Quite a bit more accurate.

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Michael Kinsley’s Misguided Moral Crusade

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman

This is a response to a piece published in the New Republic at

What?  This man never heard of grinding poverty and chronic illness (and therefore…yes, death) going hand in hand?  Mid-article, however, he backpedals, stating that “in a sense” austerity kills.” Ooooff..!!

But Kinsley’s assumptions about the obvious seem innocent of serious contemplation:  How about looking to past human history when it comes to “motive(s) of Austerians” asking why they be uncaring about their own posterity…
Well, as history bears out, power corrupts, becoming cronyism (fascism in a teapot).  Those cronies, from their lofty position at the heights of money and power, make surface-sensible decisions that are beyond the ken of what H.L. Mencken called the “Booboisie.”
Kinsley paraphrases Krugman inaccurately and prejudicially, assuming and assigning emotion:  How does he know what “maddens” Krugman, or even what annoys him?  Hmmm?
Aha… Herein Kinsley calls it as he sees it, and exposes himself in the process, reminding us (as if we could miss such reference) of the jealous squabbles one hears about among teachers on college campuses from time to time… or better, from time immemorial… And he knows it…
Never mind the mind-numbing and pandering behaviors to bemuse and seduce the middle-class into complacency.   Kinsley would have us believe that, hands outstretched, we are a class too much coddled by our hard-working politicians, our corporations, our highest court and our government.
No, the austerians do not deserve credit: they deserve exposure…
The so-called debate is not entitled to the term “debate” at all…. This attempt is another case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and Kinsley is promoting himself, he hopes, to the level of debate.

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The Bulgaria-Cyprus Connection

A happy Passover to all!
Is anybody reporting the reality of the Bulgaria explosion that killed those fine young people on the tourist bus?  It was to have been a double attack, I don’t see that in any American press. They’re also not saying much on today’s conviction in Cyprus.
The connection is that both these odd locations are frequented by Israeli tourists. The Swedish citizen in Cyprus, born in Lebanon, was taking down the plate numbers of tourist buses frequented by Israelis. He also was recording arrival information on planes from Israel. He was paid by Hezbollah, the Shiites.
The Bulgarian explosion was a tourist bus loaded with Israelis just disembarked from their plane, done by Hezbollah.
The dual explosions, killing so many young Israeli tourists at their common destinations in southern Europe, would have been quite a blow, both socially and financially. Who thwarted the Cyprus side of the plan? Was there only the one conviction on Cyprus?.
This was an attempted resurgence by Hezbollah to create a double vacation bomb attack. That would have made people think more than twice, and been a financial blow on tourism in southern Europe at the worst possible economic time. Somebody evil has brains, and is thinking big.

Read the rest of this entry »

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It Ain’t Buckingham Palace

IDF soldier and Arab provocateur - photo mainstream media will never show

Pictures like this one never appear in the mainstream press, but this is what happens all the time to Israeli soldiers.

Notice how unambiguous is the provocation.   Notice how secure the provocateur feels; he knows that the well-trained Tzahal (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier will not touch him.

Also notice how surrounding the scene are journalists and left-wing activists eagerly waiting for the soldier to act, ready to capture any perceived misstep in order to use it to damn the IDF.

Powerless but resolute, the soldier stands in the face of this provocation with restraint and dignity.

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Live Music in Bamako — Live for How Much Longer?

Timbuktu was Islamic art, not Buddhist!  In Mali they destroyed Islamic things that they disagreed with! Mali touches the western Sahara, very far from Buddhists.

Art and architechture with carvings depicting Islamic scenes they said is disallowed. Also destroyed I think only some of the vast collections of ancient manuscripts, 12th-15th century. Its reported they are on all subjects of the time from a giant library that was at the crossroads then. Islam once was less primitive than now it seems. very strange.

It was different than Afghanistan Jordan. Afghanistan on the Pakistani side is where Buddhist and Hindus once lived. None were or are Arab.

The Pakis are like Indians, were mixed all through much of India and still are, but made the two additional all Muslim countries in ’48-50.

The Brits lost Palestine, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and more, in ’48-’50.

There is a flood of musicians, traditional, and electric guitar players, singers, drummers, horn players, Sam from the piano. At first they were killing people who kept playing, but they have started to jail most people, or beat them.

All secular music is outlawed. Clothing is proscribed, including mens. No haircuts, alcohol, or radio, theater; it’s suddenly a giant economic terrified dead zone.

The group said to be the prompters and enablers of architecture destruction are the Egyptian Salafists (salafis). They are more intelligent and manipulative than the rural Afghanis or Malians. It’s said they pushed the Afghani or Paki Taliban to blow up the Buddha giant ancient statues.

And- the nutjobs called for the destruction of the sphinx and pyramids after the brotherhood got in. It seems that wasn’t going to fly, so they shut up about it.

The Salafi jihadi started the new fight in Syria against the Kurds in the Kurds’ home county, by breaking up their liquor stores, legal for them under Assad. These Kurds are said to be “feminists” recently by Arab reporter.

I think that inter-rebel fighting stopped. Actually the kurds were trying to stay neutral, but they don’t want “islamists”, all kurds seem to be kinder and more modern than whoever has them surrounded in all those countries. The world would be better if we had a Kurdistan. They seem to be too decent to hold their own, and got screwed by pappy bush. Saddam gassed them, the Turks torture them, Assad protected them.

The musicians are all collected in Bamako. That must be a hot place to play now. There all packed in there sharing housing.

Bamako is protected from Islamists by normal Mali govt. troops, which still hold the southern third of country.

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Washington Posts Publishes Offensive Language

Washington Post OffensiveThe Washington Post published my letter under an article, my letter blasting their article’s terrible headline.  They more than once wrote — including in this bold headline — “…Israel’s Gaza Offensive”.  What bastards!  In a bold headline!

I don’t like to see the English language deteriorate, especially for propaganda in the most wrong-headed direction. OK, so they put my letter right below the article, as the only comment.  But they keep the headline, and others equally obfuscating.

I just let people know that defensive artillery fire to suppress incoming attacks on cities is not an “offensive”.  A ground incursion for the same purpose might be called such, in that the enemy’s territory is physically advanced into; but defensive suppressing fire against rocket attacks already ongoing by Hamas is not “…Israel’s Gaza Offensive”.

If we do sadly see one, I hope the difference and value of correct military language will be obvious to all.

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Throwing Rice

Susan RiceWell, I do think Benghazi likely a CIA base.  They were burning papers more than fighting, so I read.  Maybe Rice and the Fed don’t want to publicize too loudly what they know of what is going on.  I doubt they reshaped the public message to gain politically; even if they did, I’m sure the Republicans don’t care, it’s just something to wave while they try to steal money with the other hand.

You know, I recently read, maybe I’d missed it earlier, that the Jewish Congressman disgraced over online sex, Weiner (unlike Spitzer, who bounced right back for $10,000 prostitutes), is married to a Muslim woman, who is Hillary Clinton’s right-hand-man since becoming Sec of State.  It’s a brave new world.

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Were you wondering why Obama visited a Buddhist Temple and received a berachah (lehavdil) from a Buddhist monk?

Obama at Buddist Temple.

Were you wondering why Obama visited a Buddhist Temple on his current trip to Thailand and Myanmar?  And why he lightheartedly accepted a berachah (lehavdil) from the Buddhist monk?  Read on and find out the real reason!

Even while on a strategically important visit to Asia, Obama must simultaneously deal with tactical matters in the Middle East, and the Buddhist Temple visit is part of that.

Here is a “scorecard,” recently sent us by Intemperate Correspondent, who blogs at JihadBrief, so you can sort out all the “players” and know who’s team they’re on.  He writes:


Iran and “Lebanon” (overrun by Hezbollah) are supporters of Assad.

Hamas backs the rebels in Syria, because the rebels are infiltrated by Islamist ideologues.

Today the Lebanese PM repeats:  He will do nothing to support Hamas, denying he ever even thought of calling on parliament to make any such statement of support.  He is under pressure from Hezbollah, funded by Iran, to be an enemy of Hamas.

Our “ally” Qatar, where we have a huge military base, openly backs Hamas, because it is a way of being against Assad, Iran/Imadinnerjacket, and Hezbollah.]

The trip the Lebanese PM made to Gaza must have been okay with US;   it showed the Hamas willing to shoot rockets under cover of the visit.  They also took shots during the Egyptian PM visit.

Both Qatar and Egypt then gave the green light, unspoken, to Israel and the US.  They made clear they would give nothing but lip service.  Both continue to get billions a year from the US.

Hezbollah is being very quiet.  So is the West Bank.

The Syrian rebels are infiltrated by Islamist ideologues.  The Libyan rebels had less of these Islamists, but enough.  Libya had more black African mercenaries working for Gadaffi, who have mostly gone to northern Mali.  They are a crazed and evil group that has joined with the Boka Haram [Learning Forbidden], and are destroying Mali.  Other nuts driven recently out of Nigeria are also heading to Mali.

We need a more controllable and visible force in Mali, beyond the special forces now there.  They have killed and maimed many people already —  for things like card playing, hair cutting, dancing, or wearing wrong clothing.

They have leveled ancient art and architecture through Timbuktu and the north.

Salafists, now emboldened in Egypt, are stating they were behind prompting the Taliban to destroy the ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan, and they are now calling for the leveling of the Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt!

While to us the Brotherhood might be nuts, I think to Morsi’s Brotherhood, the Salafists appear nuts.  At least since Morsi found out he actually has to govern a huge nation, a nation that has not yet taught it’s school bus drivers to stop at rail crossings, and that has come to need the American subsidy to survive economically.


Well, that’s the analysis recently arrived from “Intemperate Correspondent,” which leads me to see Obama’s Buddhist Berachah in a new light:

At a Buddhist Temple, Obama can kill three birds with one stone:  He can cement relations with strategic allies in the Far East;  send a clear stick-signal to the crazies like the Egyptian Salafists and their brutish heroes in Mali;  and send a carrot-signal to their oppositional Morsi, whom Obama would like to put in orbit around the USA. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gene-building Plunder vs. Deliberate KinderMort

Dick Winters

I just finished reading the memoir of Dick Winter, Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters, co-written by military historian and retired U.S. Army Colonel Cole C. Kingseed.

In finishing that memoir, he stumbled across a small camp I never heard of.  He was around the Rhine after Bastogne in the Bulge, and saw piles of starved bodies, uncountable thousands of dead and dying.  He said it could never be overestimated, the scale of the horror.  [He never knew about Auschwitz.]

He had just come through the rural edge of Germany, and said that, unlike England, from whence he’d come by way of parachute, there was no rationing, they had fresh eggs seven days a week.   In the basements of a nearby village they found giant wheels of fresh cheese.  This Point-Unit made the Germans haul out the cheese, and bring it to feed the prisoners.  Also like other Americans sometimes did out of instinctive justice, made them bury the bodies and clean up the camp.  Then unit doctors caught up and stopped them feeding the cheese, saying it was too rich for their condition.

It’s interesting getting the attitude of this front line fighting civilian-lieutenant.  He seemed to like the break of forcing these Germans to haul their cheese to the prisoners.  He sounded disappointed at the doctors showing up and giving them only soup. It freaked him out to see the camp, in a way that months of battle and killing front-line Germans did not.  It’s different than reading an historian.  It’s not as articulate, but sometimes you get a deeper look than the writer intends.

So then he goes back to fighting front line troops, and makes clear he really knows now why he’s fighting, but still can create no hatred of the Germans, ‘officers’ or ‘men’, but understands even before seeing the camp ‘why the Jews would hate them’.  He’d been giving prisoners to Jewish soldiers, who never lost a prisoner, but killed a few apparently.  Now he watched the Jewish soldiers more closely to prevent too many prisoners getting killed.  But he didn’t seem to mind as long as he tried to be militarily correct.  I’d imagine like since 9/11, nobody cries too much about drone-like targeting of Arab Nazis.

It’s finally starting to come home to me that all this happened just twelve years before I was born.  And that no group can overcome with any level of propaganda an image of killing the women and children of the enemy in a deliberate manner. Human instinct will accept the gene-building assimilation of plunder, but not the wanton destruction of the gene pool. Read the rest of this entry »

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