Then They Began Shutting the American Factories

Scott Brown: Abs You Can Believe In

On NPR this morning Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views as opposed to Brown…Duh.

We all remember what Bush said when asked His opinion on Row versus Wade??  (He didn’t care how they got out of New Orleans, but they had to Leave Town.!.)

Gee, when you let Nature wipe out minority property owners it’s quicker than a giant mortgage bond scam…
…and privatize the clean-up to Dick Cheney, who left the illegal workers unpaid on the street while stealing on the billing and ignoring employer FICA, …
…it can make almost as much money as creating and privatizing a war, to Dick Cheney.

The term neo-con seems to have been squelched. You remember it?  The Neo-cons came in with Nixon. You recall the photo of Rumsfeld hugging Saddam Hussein in the White House?

These neo-cons have not left the stage, merely stepped out of the limelight. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, even bumbling fools like Ashcroft, are still around. Nixon got taken out of the picture, the rest kept going. Forty of their folks were indicted in Reagan’s first term, breaking the corruption record set by General Grant during “reconstruction”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cleveland Plain Dealer backs Obama !!

Still shot of Romney and Obama — extracted from the video of the second debate.

This conservative paper backed both Bushes, and Raygun. Comes out strong for Obama, citing the reasons. It’s on the early morning news, so it must be out in print for the Sunday Cleveland paper. Great stuff, and it renews faith in the literacy, research capacity, and independence of the press in traditionally ‘conservative’ strongholds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Give it Another Thousand Years

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

The Two Most Recent Republican Candidates for Vice-President

I have looked into Stewart’s assertion and it seems to be true.  Ryan had his campaign bus visit a shelter where he was not asked nor scheduled to volunteer.  He went in with his camera men and reporters from the bus.

He picked up some clean pots and pans, and pretended to wash them, while pictures were taken.  He then spoke some preordained banter about how he once had a dish-washing job while a student.  After a few moments, the reporters and cameras were ushered back to the bus.

Some minutes later, Ryan came out and a small group of men had gathered outside, appearing as if they were homeless people.  Ryan approached them and appeared to be talking to them.  Although the cameras were ushered back off the bus, the reporters were told to stay seated; they were not to get off the bus.  Pictures were taken, then they re-boarded the bus and all rolled away.

These criminals are a real piece of work.  When the reporters asked why they couldn’t accompany the photographers back outside the shelter, they were told Read the rest of this entry »

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Binders of Women, Binders of Lies

A still photo of Obama and Romney, exrtracted from the video of the second debate.

We Jews are good at reading between the lines of a text to tease out its full significance.   So how do I read Romney’s most memorable response of the second debate?

First of all, the question was tantamount to asking:  What will you do to fix the fact that women get 72 cents for doing what men get a dollar to do?

Obama responded by saying that he had promoted and gotten passed a law that now makes it easier for women to sue their employers.  (I’m sure that big business loves that!)

Whether or not Obama’s approach to solving the problem is satisfying to you, his answer at least shows that he understood the question, and that he agrees that this inequality is a bad thing, and that he believes that it is something a president should take positive actions to fix.

Romney responded by saying that while he was governor he had approached women’s groups and sought their suggestions for female candidates for cabinet positions, and they were able to give him whole binders of women!

This weird response shows a lot:

  • First, he appeared to be claiming that there is no problem, as though the availability of large numbers of qualified women willing to serve on his cabinet indicated that there is no inequality problem.
  • Second, he appeared to be suggesting that taking affirmative action in his cabinet (even if only for political reasons) is somehow a satisfactory way to repair this problem.
  • Third, his response shows that when he was governor, he couldn’t simply determine the “best man” for each job, and trust that approximately 50% of his appointments would turn out to be women.  The fact that he had to pay attention to gender is itself evidence of a serious social problem.
  • Fourth, his choice of words, “binders of women”, suggests a psychology antithetical to gender equality and immersed in objectification.  Is “binders” the most appropriate collective noun available here?!
    a pride of lions
    a school of fish
    a flock of sheep
    a pod of whales
    a gaggle of geese
    a smuck of jellyfish
    a binder of women

Romney has coined a new usage!

Fifth, and perhaps the topper:  Romney lied!  He didn’t ask for that “binder of women”; it was prepared by a non-profit group concerned with the paucity of women in cabinet-type positions and presented to him after his inauguration as governor.  Pushed into his hands, as it were.


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Isn’t Hollywood Wonderful!

Lady who trapped Osama Bin Ladin

Hollywood’s idea of who killed Bin Laden

I bet the real woman who found bin laden didn’t actually look remotely like this. Isn’t hollywood wonderful!

Too bad they couldn’t haul him back to be interrogated by her.  The movie ought to stretch the truth a bit more for that great scene.

I’m hoping to get to BU Monday night to hear Elie Wiesel speak in Boston.  It just came to me: Elie Wiesel outliving Binny… what were the odds of that?

I’m calling it a Victory.  A Big Victory.


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U.S. Military is now in Jordan, on the Syrian Border.

US in Jordan, preparing near the Syrian border

US military in Jordan, preparing near the Syrian border.

Just in from our I.C.:

U.S. Military is now in Jordan, on the Syrian Border.

Now we have a huge force in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, much smaller in Yemen, Iraq recently much reduced, Libya now a small hunting force.

And today, Jordan with a force to help with the Syrian border – they claim for refugee management.

Go Obama Go!

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Billions for Fast Clubs; Not One Cent for Big Bird

Osama got Bin Laden; I'll get Big Bird!Our I.C. writes:

It’s kind of funny that a majority just surveyed wanted to keep PBS even though most thought it was actually a large part of the federal budget.  A huge number thought it was 1%.  I’d guess, off the top of my head, it’s 1/100th to 5/100 of 1%.  If I recall right, the majority thought it was at least 1% — with many saying 10%, 25%, and some, many, even said Half;  but they wanted it saved regardless.

If it was half the budget I’d say let’s cook that Bird for Dinner.

Just One (1) airplane must cost much more than all of PBS.  A B1 bomber, the B could stand for Billion. The darth vader B2…more.  Have you seen the F-23. I bet it’s on YouTube, a beautiful creation, especially in flight, where it moves like a fictional saucer, it seems to spin sometimes to change direction.  Billions. Spent on fast clubs.

Romney absolutely sucks. You’d think it’d be obvious.  But as that survey proved, the electorate are mostly ignorant suckers. Which is sort of what Romney called 47% of them.  I hope evolution retakes it’s hold again, by November.


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Abu Nutzi Got a Lawyer

Jack Welch

Fascist Jack Welch Caught Lying (Seems to be a ubiquitous Republican vice.)

More today from our favorite I. C.:

Abu Nutzi Got a Lawyer.  He got appointed an American lawyer by the government.  Judging from the name (not to mention the profession), he most assuredly got a Jewish Lawyer!

Nobody but me has mentioned it.  I am nutzi enough myself to wonder if they did it on purpose, though unspoken. Great stuff to see a Jewish public defender take the Arab nut case…case.

And another good thing… Jack Welch, former and future fascist, (GE, Home Depot, etc. – a real evil bastard) got himself thrown off the Reuters Opinion Columnist pool for gross dishonesty, when he loudly yelled the job numbers were cooked, even while he knew there was absolutely no possibility of such.

Reuters started as purely financial… and British.  They won’t have anyone making a public fool of himself to financial people while pandering to the ignorant in an attempt to sway the American election.  And it is clear he is doing it for profit.  He cares nothing for the world, let alone the country.

Odd thing is, American media are so screwed up, he would fit right in in several venues here.  We are certainly more corrupt than the Brits.  But he is too uppity to appear on FOX.  He’s the type who would want the upper crust.  With Reuters dumping him, I doubt The Economist (British) would print him. I imagine The Wall Street Journal will print him though.  Didn’t it get bought by Murdock some time back?

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While Obama Ran the Country

Jed BartletOur Intemperate Correspondent writes:

Regarding Maureen Dowd’s October 6th Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, entitled: Two Presidents, Smoking and Scheming. I finally read it through. It’s better after learning that the other guy was a TV-show president. Quite funny, and she sounds like Obama when he gets going.

It must have been easy, being a TV pres, the lines are all written by somebody else. Kind of like Romney; they try to never let him speak his own words; he usually screws up. I think they worked for a week on how to lie most loudly, while Obama ran the country. Obama maybe had to talk to an Arab before the debate that day.

The common, ignorant people don’t care or understand what is said, nor if simple-minded lies are spoken; they really can’t tell the difference. It’s just who looks and sounds better, strong, confident; and because the masses are so amazingly ignorant (and sadly quite stupid) they will follow any bully or insulting ass, They are like the mob following the shouter and the finger pointer.

They will vote on reinforced prejudice if they feel a swing that way, to justify their instinct to disparage those they don’t understand, or who sound or look different from them. They are easily swayed by any lie that panders to their self-centered, greedy nature. Without the teaching of enlightened religion — such as was growing so well here in 1905 — and little real education, they are left with nothing at all to go on. They don’t understand anything about making a future world.

Even superstitious religion gave them something beyond the greed, security, and physical comfort that instinctively is their goal in life. And those instincts are all they are left with when the superstitious parts of their religion are no longer believed. Most never understood the true philosophical parts. It was mostly about getting them to not live as animals for a few centuries. As we saw at WWII, the results were mixed.

They may need superstitious allegories to affect behavior, just so as to not stand in the way of the better world to come (right here on earth); just as they did in the Mediterranean two thousand years ago, and in the High Middle Ages; these people who got the germ of their best idea from us, at least the simple version proposed by the “Buddhist Rabbi.” But perhaps they cannot be returned to that kind of influence — it would mean giving up on their possibility of progressing individually — and certainly it backfired a few times on these “enlightened”, as in their confusion and tendency to violence (partly genetic?) the converted pagans went off track and started killing the hand that fed them (us Jews), forgetting what their “rabbi” told them: the little trick that would let them become a part of the concept of historical progress, change deliberately created through time, toward a future destination in  mind, to both enjoy the fruits of civilization and to help create paradise.

Since they could not be Jewish — as that requires fluid literacy by age thirteen, and study of the true force of creation, and adherence to 613 some odd laws to create the society and state of mind that would propel that future — he gave them maybe 10, and boiled that down to a sentence: “Do unto others …”

I gather Paul, in Aleppo and elsewhere, saw that even that was too much, and his followers often became confused. He tried reducing it to just three words, the simple trick whereby they could help to make the new world: “Love one another”.

They didn’t… and this is the U.S. electorate.

They also, for the most part, never quite learned how to read properly. But they can tell the string beans from the chile, with the help of pictures on the label. Today my new painter pretended to be reading the color on the paint can when I pointed to the little label they stick on the lid. It’s something I’ve become used to.

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New Israeli Visa Needed

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

Our exclusive-to-Jewish-Jihad intemperate correspondent is still on the job.  Today he writes:

Syria claims to have killed four Turkish military imbedded in a rebel unit, I think they were in Aleppo.

I predicted many weeks ago that the Turks would do them in for the west. The trick is to keep NATO out of it, on the surface. The Turks are barely Muslims, they are definitely not Arabs.

The Hezbollah chief was killed in Syria by the rebels, He was there leading some evil unit for Assad, though the Hezbollah deny it, and had a funeral, and supposedly a body, in Lebanon.

I was only half not kidding, when I predicted we could see Hezbollah fight Hamas next.  Hamas is backing the rebels in Syria.

They would need to go roundabout through the West Bank to get at each other; or commute directly through Israel on the new “Go Ahead and Kill Each Other Visa” …  in a rare acquiescence to Arab demands !!

(No stopping along the new freeway allowed!)

Feel free to forward, publish, distribute by carrier pigeon… Remember, you heard it here first !!

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You Heard it Here First: Good News From the Middle East

Assad of SyriaOur intemperate correspondent has more to say today:

Hezbollah will soon be fighting Hamas.

It will be interesting to see how they get around Israel to blow each other up.  Perhaps Israel should issue special passage permits for jihadists on their way to be martyrs to the north or south of the Jewish land.  No stopping for gas or anything;  maybe an escorted caravan, one in each direction along the freeway.  They should avoid rush hour.

Turkey, very against Assad, has been courting Hamas leaders, and Syrian “Palestinians” are fighting against Assad.  Hamas closed it’s Syrian office and moved it to Qatar, a western “ally,” like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Now today Assad broadcasts a vicious verbal attack on Hamas, calls them traitors, and of course appeasers of Israel, etc.  Hezbollah supports Assad, who is Alawite.  Is that a kind of Shiite?  Hamas is Sunni and Hezbollah is Shiite??

The U.S. historically will sell guns to all the parties involved, some of it with tax money, direct to US gun-makers, as foreign aid.  I think it’s time to not sell them more guns.

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Do You Love Moses Enough?

The Prophet Abraham!Just received from an intemperate correspondent:

Maybe we Jews should have a “Love the Prophet Day” as has been proclaimed by the Pakistani government.

To celebrate our love of Moses we could engage in violent riotous protests, goad the police to shoot and kill a few demonstrators to really get things going; then, to follow closely their excellent and exciting program, burn a random movie theater owned by a fellow Jew because we take umbrage with Charlton Heston’s insulting performance.

Of course to really follow their lead in fervent worship we should scream how we want death to all those different from us. If we can’t get at anyone different because we’ve driven them all out of the country, we can always stone one or two of our own kind in frustration. Maybe only a few Reforms will show up and the Orthodox can beat them; or perhaps only a few Orthodox will show up and the Reform women can bare their breasts to chase them away. And all the Rabbi’s can lead and rile the mob as the Imams do. What fun!

Hollywood could have prevented all this by hiring a real Jew to play the role!  And shouting death to the Germans would not be so awful…

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