Sharansky: “I don’t miss Mubarak and I won’t miss Assad”

Natan Sharansky on Syria's Assad and Egypt's MubarekLast week, Natan Sharansky (now the Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel) was asked: “The ‘Arab Spring’ may turn out to be less stable than non-democratic regimes. What impact will this have on Israel’s prospects for peace?”

Sharansky responded strongly: “I’m very glad about what’s happening. I don’t miss Mubarak and I won’t miss Assad.”

“I prefer to deal with democracy. Democratic leaders depend on the people, who want peace, good economy, a good education. Dictators need an external enemy to control the people. Mubarak turned Egypt into the most anti-Semitic country in the Middle East. Syria didn’t make peace so that it could have emergency laws.”

Once a Soviet dissident, Sharansky still prefers democracy’s uncertainty to the predictability of dictatorships.

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