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Ten Strategies to Avert or Survive a Financial Crises

prayerFollowing these ten directives from classical Jewish sources will help you weather financial downturns while strengthening your trust in Hashem:

Whenever you say the words “Baruch Atah Hashem…“, think of Hashem as the Master of Everything and Source of All Blessings.

Learn the laws of Tzedakah and Maaser scrupulously, and set up a special fund to ensure you give properly.

Accept the responsibility of daily Torah Study upon yourself, and the burden of your financial obligations may be eased.

Pray for a friend who has a similar need; you may be answered first.

Say a personal tefillah of gratitude for every small improvement; and make a resolution to recite Nishmat when your situation improves dramatically, to show your appreciation for Hashem’s help.

Invest your money according to the directives of Chazal:  a third in real estate, a third in business (i.e., stocks), and hold a third in cash. Read the rest of this entry »

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