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Michael Kinsley’s Misguided Moral Crusade

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman

This is a response to a piece published in the New Republic at

What?  This man never heard of grinding poverty and chronic illness (and therefore…yes, death) going hand in hand?  Mid-article, however, he backpedals, stating that “in a sense” austerity kills.” Ooooff..!!

But Kinsley’s assumptions about the obvious seem innocent of serious contemplation:  How about looking to past human history when it comes to “motive(s) of Austerians” asking why they be uncaring about their own posterity…
Well, as history bears out, power corrupts, becoming cronyism (fascism in a teapot).  Those cronies, from their lofty position at the heights of money and power, make surface-sensible decisions that are beyond the ken of what H.L. Mencken called the “Booboisie.”
Kinsley paraphrases Krugman inaccurately and prejudicially, assuming and assigning emotion:  How does he know what “maddens” Krugman, or even what annoys him?  Hmmm?
Aha… Herein Kinsley calls it as he sees it, and exposes himself in the process, reminding us (as if we could miss such reference) of the jealous squabbles one hears about among teachers on college campuses from time to time… or better, from time immemorial… And he knows it…
Never mind the mind-numbing and pandering behaviors to bemuse and seduce the middle-class into complacency.   Kinsley would have us believe that, hands outstretched, we are a class too much coddled by our hard-working politicians, our corporations, our highest court and our government.
No, the austerians do not deserve credit: they deserve exposure…
The so-called debate is not entitled to the term “debate” at all…. This attempt is another case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and Kinsley is promoting himself, he hopes, to the level of debate.

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