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The True Meaning of Christmas (and New Year)

Professor Lawrence Kelemen

Professor Lawrence Kelemen

There are many people (even Jews, r”l) who celebrate Christmas and the New Year (on Jan 1) and have no idea of where they came from and what they mean. The information in this video is sure to be an eye-opener to many of you. After watching, you’ll never look at Christmas or New Year again in the same light.

This video lecture was delivered by Lawrence Kelemen, Professor of Education at Neve Yerushalayim College of Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem.  After receiving his undergraduate degree from UCLA, Professor Kelemen continued with his graduate studies at Harvard University, and later completed twelve years of post-graduate field research in the Middle East.  Now an accomplished lecturer and author, Professor Kelemen electrifies parents, teachers , and university students across North and South America, Europe and the Middle East with his wit, humor, wisdom and gifts of insight into the essence of living a meaningful life.

Enjoy the video:

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Is this a Christian country or what?

1996 Chanukah Stamp

1996 Chanukah Stamp

In 1962, the United States Postal Service issued its first Christmas stamp.  Thereafter, it issued a new design almost every year. Most of the designs featured a Madonna and Child.  For the next thirty-four years, the USPS refused requests for a Chanukah stamp, on the grounds that it does not produce designs on overtly religious themes!

The USPS claimed that their Madonna-and-Child Christmas stamps were not religious because they were images of great works of art.   Even if this pathetic self-deception were allowed to stand unchallenged, the USPS could just as well have put some great Jewish art reproductions on a Chanukah stamp. Read the rest of this entry »

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