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Putin’s Sudetenland

Stalin wannabe Putin leading Russia to self-destruction.The Cold War is warming up again.  With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgia now looks like the first domino, and the Crimea will be Putin’s Sudetenland.

The last time a thug like Putin had a dream, the first victim was Austria.  In Hitler’s case, both Austria and the Sudetenland were taken without a shot, via what we can now rename “The Putin Pretense” (bringing relief to the oppressed traitors in those countries).

The next year it was Czechoslovakia’s turn; Hitler’s first land-grab lacking the Putin Pretense, but not worth anybody’s trouble to intervene.  So what comes next for our Stalin wannabe?  Maybe some local, oil-rich, post-Soviet, independent state that no one else cares about?

It may take a while for Putin to destroy himself.  Hitler did two invasions in each of ’38 and ’39; but it’s been five years since Georgia succumbed.  Putin is moving slower and is probably not a madman.

I wonder what will be the final straw for this new Stalin wannabe.  Maybe Poland again? Read the rest of this entry »

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