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The Bulgaria-Cyprus Connection

A happy Passover to all!
Is anybody reporting the reality of the Bulgaria explosion that killed those fine young people on the tourist bus?  It was to have been a double attack, I don’t see that in any American press. They’re also not saying much on today’s conviction in Cyprus.
The connection is that both these odd locations are frequented by Israeli tourists. The Swedish citizen in Cyprus, born in Lebanon, was taking down the plate numbers of tourist buses frequented by Israelis. He also was recording arrival information on planes from Israel. He was paid by Hezbollah, the Shiites.
The Bulgarian explosion was a tourist bus loaded with Israelis just disembarked from their plane, done by Hezbollah.
The dual explosions, killing so many young Israeli tourists at their common destinations in southern Europe, would have been quite a blow, both socially and financially. Who thwarted the Cyprus side of the plan? Was there only the one conviction on Cyprus?.
This was an attempted resurgence by Hezbollah to create a double vacation bomb attack. That would have made people think more than twice, and been a financial blow on tourism in southern Europe at the worst possible economic time. Somebody evil has brains, and is thinking big.

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