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You Heard it Here First: Good News From the Middle East

Assad of SyriaOur intemperate correspondent has more to say today:

Hezbollah will soon be fighting Hamas.

It will be interesting to see how they get around Israel to blow each other up.  Perhaps Israel should issue special passage permits for jihadists on their way to be martyrs to the north or south of the Jewish land.  No stopping for gas or anything;  maybe an escorted caravan, one in each direction along the freeway.  They should avoid rush hour.

Turkey, very against Assad, has been courting Hamas leaders, and Syrian “Palestinians” are fighting against Assad.  Hamas closed it’s Syrian office and moved it to Qatar, a western “ally,” like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Now today Assad broadcasts a vicious verbal attack on Hamas, calls them traitors, and of course appeasers of Israel, etc.  Hezbollah supports Assad, who is Alawite.  Is that a kind of Shiite?  Hamas is Sunni and Hezbollah is Shiite??

The U.S. historically will sell guns to all the parties involved, some of it with tax money, direct to US gun-makers, as foreign aid.  I think it’s time to not sell them more guns.

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Paul Amendment: Cancel Promised Aid To Israel

(202) 225-3121
House members can be
reached through the
Capitol switchboard

your Member of Congress


your Member of Congress

Contact Rachel Levin
(202) 639-5203
Call House Members TODAY and Urge Them to Support Full FY 2011 Funding for Israel and Oppose the Paul Amendment that would eliminate aid to Israel
Floor action scheduled today on Israel’s aid


The House is now considering a government spending bill to fund the government through the remainder of the year.  The bill includes $3 billion in security assistance for Israel in addition to funding for the Iron Dome rocket defense system.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) plans to offer an amendment that would eliminate Israel’s security assistance. If this amendment were to prevail, Israel’s aid would be stripped out of the bill.  As a result, Israel would receive NO foreign aid for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

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