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Putin’s Sudetenland

Stalin wannabe Putin leading Russia to self-destruction.The Cold War is warming up again.  With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgia now looks like the first domino, and the Crimea will be Putin’s Sudetenland.

The last time a thug like Putin had a dream, the first victim was Austria.  In Hitler’s case, both Austria and the Sudetenland were taken without a shot, via what we can now rename “The Putin Pretense” (bringing relief to the oppressed traitors in those countries).

The next year it was Czechoslovakia’s turn; Hitler’s first land-grab lacking the Putin Pretense, but not worth anybody’s trouble to intervene.  So what comes next for our Stalin wannabe?  Maybe some local, oil-rich, post-Soviet, independent state that no one else cares about?

It may take a while for Putin to destroy himself.  Hitler did two invasions in each of ’38 and ’39; but it’s been five years since Georgia succumbed.  Putin is moving slower and is probably not a madman.

I wonder what will be the final straw for this new Stalin wannabe.  Maybe Poland again? Read the rest of this entry »

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The #2 Republican is a #1 Antisemite

Warren Chisum

Warren Chisum

According to Warren Chisum (the second most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, and a former Chair of the House Appropriations Committee) evolution is a religious doctrine introduced two thousand years ago by the “Pharisaic Religion.”

Chisum wrote a letter of support that was attached to a bizarre memo being circulated by Ben Bridges (a Georgia State Representative), citing several profoundly antisemitic websites as proof that evolution stems from “rabbinic writings in the… kabala.”

Bridges and Chisum thus tried to kill two birds with one stone:   If evolution is a religious doctrine, then it ought to be banned in public schools;  and if it came from the Jews then it must be evil.   Read the rest of this entry »

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