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Remember to Forget Amalek

Hadassah Hospital, surdeon Josh Sofer

Surgeon Josh Sofer works on a victim at Hadassah Hospital

Even with Haman and his ten sons hanged, his spiritual descendants reappeared today to murder more innocents, this time by blowing up a bus stop in Jerusalem.  One person dead, and over fifty more are being treated in Jerusalem hospitals.

We were still reeling from the bloodthirsty murders in Itamar last Sabbath, where the Fogel family lost both parents and three of their beautiful young children.



The Scene of the Crime - Bus Stop in Jerusalem

The Scene of the Crime

A reminder:  Express your support of Israel’s victims of terror by demanding that our elected officials condemn these murders, even as Arabs in Gaza celebrate in the streets and pass out candies.  And donate to the OU’s Victims of Terrorism Fund.

May the upcoming Pesach holiday bring bring a much needed peace to the entire Jewish community and may the families of the martyred be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Give to the OU’s Victims of Terrorism Fund

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Get Into the Light and Stand in It

Whether or not you can stand Glenn Beck’s domestic politics, he is one of the few American media outlets to cover what’s actually going on in Israel. Check out this video. Whenever Jewish children are the victims of premeditated murder by Arabs, most media outlets ignore it; there is no coverage. If the crime is so prominent that it can’t be covered up, some (like CNN) consistently try to blame the victims, while others attempt to justify as “natural” the private and public celebrations of the majority of Arabs in Gaza and elsewhere. These mainstream outlets distort the news to suggest that there is some sort of “escalating cycle of violence,” as though there were a moral equality between the Israelis, who mourn accidental collateral damage, and the majority in Gaza, who pass out celebratory candies in the streets with news of each premeditated murder. Compare these videos and see just how differently the same “news” can be fed to you!

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19 Shot, 6 Dead in Arizona

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shooting victim

Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat - Arizona)

The Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a strong supporter of Israel, was the target of a Shabbos afternoon attack a few hours ago that has resulted in six deaths so far.  The 22-year-old murderer is Jared Loughner, and you can watch his YouTube channel to convince yourself that he’s been deranged for some time and should have been on meds.  (His MySpace pages have already been taken down since the murders.)  The attack took place at a supermarket that was hosting a public political meeting.  Don’t know much more yet, except that Giffords, who was shot in the head at point-blank range, has undergone neurosurgery and is expected to live, and that the dead include a Federal Judge and a young child.

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