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If God Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor, We’re Screwed

FreyRepublican Bob Frey is a candidate running for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Frey says he believes all our social and economic problems have a common cause: “the gay agenda and sodomy.”

In a display of scientific ignorance so startling it’s almost unbelievable, Frey elaborated on “the science and the financial impact of the gay agenda” as follows:

“When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg.  The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg.  If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”

What whacko could have come up with this stuff?  His goofy misunderstanding of human reproduction is overshadowed by his bizarre theory of AIDS.  You die because of wayward sperm?

Apparently this clown doesn’t know that HIV/AIDS is most commonly transmitted through heterosexual intercourse worldwide.  It’s not a gay disease.  Period.

Over 80 percent of HIV infections in Africa are acquired through heterosexual intercourse.  Most infections in Latin America are acquired through drug injection.  Heterosexual intercourse and drug injection are also the main modes of transmission in both South and South East Asia.  Of all the HIV-positive people in the world, slightly more than half of them are women.

In videotaped testimony before committees in the Minnesota State legislature, and also in a campaign video, Frey says:  “When sperm enters the digestive system, it is quickly absorbed into the blood.  It is the enzyme in the sperm that causes the immune system to fail.  Sodomy is a voluntary act to destroy the immune system that protects us from disease, various cancers, and other health issues.”

So how exactly does sodomy destroy our economy?  According to Frey:  “It’s about sodomy.  It’s huge amounts of money.  AIDS is a long term illness, causing pain, suffering, death.  A long-term illness that’s very expensive to treat… It is about legalizing sodomy, causing avoidable pain, suffering, death, and financial ruin.”

Let’s ignore Frey’s scientific and economic canards.  Let’s talk about our own faith.

There are ample religious grounds to condemn each act of sodomy as wrongdoing.  The Torah says that when a man lies with another man as with a woman it is  just as bad as when a Jew eats a shrimp, carries a bundle of sticks on the Sabbath, or remarries his ex-wife after she has been divorced from someone else.

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Just One More Ignorant Anti-Semite in Virginia Politics

John Whitbeck, clueless Virginia politician

John Whitbeck, clueless Virginia politician

Hard to believe, but the Virginia GOP hasn’t learned much from its setbacks of recent years.  John Whitbeck, a Republican district chairman, just a few hours ago introduced the Republican candidate for  governor with an anti-semitic joke.  What a way to celebrate Constitution Day!

It’s watchable on YouTube  at

The joke states that for hundreds of years each newly elected pope has received a delegation from the head of the Jews attempting to collect on a bill for “The Last Supper”.

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The Country Should be Punished for Electing Him

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - a still photo extracted from the video of the second debate

Mitt (“Corporations are people too.”) Romney and Barack Obama – a still photo extracted from the video of the second debate

Top Republicans say the government shutdown was at least a small victory.  Thanks to the shutdown, nobody is thinking about fixing the sequester — once called going over the cliff.  So those blind cuts continue. 

The Republicans have made some progress in breaking the country. That is the actual goal of these fascists when they are not in power. That has been one of their ways of gaining power internationally as well, sowing chaos, economic stress, and division, whenever they are not on top.

And to be kept out by a black guy really pisses them off.  The country is to be punished for electing him.  

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Then They Began Shutting the American Factories

Scott Brown: Abs You Can Believe In

On NPR this morning Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views as opposed to Brown…Duh.

We all remember what Bush said when asked His opinion on Row versus Wade??  (He didn’t care how they got out of New Orleans, but they had to Leave Town.!.)

Gee, when you let Nature wipe out minority property owners it’s quicker than a giant mortgage bond scam…
…and privatize the clean-up to Dick Cheney, who left the illegal workers unpaid on the street while stealing on the billing and ignoring employer FICA, …
…it can make almost as much money as creating and privatizing a war, to Dick Cheney.

The term neo-con seems to have been squelched. You remember it?  The Neo-cons came in with Nixon. You recall the photo of Rumsfeld hugging Saddam Hussein in the White House?

These neo-cons have not left the stage, merely stepped out of the limelight. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, even bumbling fools like Ashcroft, are still around. Nixon got taken out of the picture, the rest kept going. Forty of their folks were indicted in Reagan’s first term, breaking the corruption record set by General Grant during “reconstruction”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome to Nazi History Month

Robert McDonnell, Virginia's New Racist Governor

Virginia's New Racist Governor

The new governor of Virginia, Robert McDonnell, took office in January.   From his state capital in Richmond, which is also the former capital of the Confederacy, he issued a state proclamation celebrating April as “Confederate History Month.”  Amazingly, the proclamation contained no mention of slavery.
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