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Romney Dumped Toxic Chemicals for Profit on Helpless Peasants

Not only do Scott Brown’s campaign ads feature bizarre caricatures of Elizabeth Warren’s face, but Scott Brown even told an interviewer that he thanks God that his Democratic opponent never posed nude — the way he did.
Apparently he thinks that mocking her appearance will win an election for him. Does this fascist pawn think I should vote based on looks?

” Elizabeth Warren wants to give your money to Illegals !! ”

I had to look at the bumpy, wrinkled, angry, mump-ridden, Photoshopped face, and see and hear the screaming racist headline, every few minutes of Sunday evening football. Carl Rove done, american crossroads.  She was waving a fist as the voice-over warned people that she was railing to give your hard earned money away to “Illegals” —  people who from the name really should be locked up or killed.

I really should move to Canada as soon as possible.  They actually have a society, and leaders, instead of this crap.

Do you suppose they don’t know that many immigrants watch football? Or, rather, there is more to gain pandering to racists than to immigrants?

Though they are calculating rather than sincere, there must be more immigrants than racists (i hope).  I think the true colors show when they go blatantly for a racist minority. (They are a minority aren’t they? Maybe not…)

If anybody can post to blogs or send email to swing states my earlier post linking Romney to Agent Orange, post it please.  It’s not as false or nasty as Rove… but how old was Romney when they dumped it?  But it is the same fascist money backing him.

So,.. “Romney dumped toxic chemicals for profit on helpless peasants. ” …Headline Ready. Read the rest of this entry »

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Binders of Women, Binders of Lies

A still photo of Obama and Romney, exrtracted from the video of the second debate.

We Jews are good at reading between the lines of a text to tease out its full significance.   So how do I read Romney’s most memorable response of the second debate?

First of all, the question was tantamount to asking:  What will you do to fix the fact that women get 72 cents for doing what men get a dollar to do?

Obama responded by saying that he had promoted and gotten passed a law that now makes it easier for women to sue their employers.  (I’m sure that big business loves that!)

Whether or not Obama’s approach to solving the problem is satisfying to you, his answer at least shows that he understood the question, and that he agrees that this inequality is a bad thing, and that he believes that it is something a president should take positive actions to fix.

Romney responded by saying that while he was governor he had approached women’s groups and sought their suggestions for female candidates for cabinet positions, and they were able to give him whole binders of women!

This weird response shows a lot:

  • First, he appeared to be claiming that there is no problem, as though the availability of large numbers of qualified women willing to serve on his cabinet indicated that there is no inequality problem.
  • Second, he appeared to be suggesting that taking affirmative action in his cabinet (even if only for political reasons) is somehow a satisfactory way to repair this problem.
  • Third, his response shows that when he was governor, he couldn’t simply determine the “best man” for each job, and trust that approximately 50% of his appointments would turn out to be women.  The fact that he had to pay attention to gender is itself evidence of a serious social problem.
  • Fourth, his choice of words, “binders of women”, suggests a psychology antithetical to gender equality and immersed in objectification.  Is “binders” the most appropriate collective noun available here?!
    a pride of lions
    a school of fish
    a flock of sheep
    a pod of whales
    a gaggle of geese
    a smuck of jellyfish
    a binder of women

Romney has coined a new usage!

Fifth, and perhaps the topper:  Romney lied!  He didn’t ask for that “binder of women”; it was prepared by a non-profit group concerned with the paucity of women in cabinet-type positions and presented to him after his inauguration as governor.  Pushed into his hands, as it were.


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