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Oh, Lord, give me a sign!

george washington and astrological signsWhen the British colonies in America switched overnight from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar — during the lifetime of George Washington — eleven dates got skipped over. The ignorant masses rioted in the cities, demanding the return their lost eleven days of life.

Now a similar tidal wave of empty-headedness is washing over the blogosphere, triggered by a small article about an old and unimportant fact: Your familiar astrological sign actually has nothing to do with the position of the corresponding constellation at your birth.  (We would need to redefine the date-ranges of the signs if astronomical realism were wanted.)

Labels are important to people. George Washington never celebrated his birthday on the date that we do. Kal v’chomer, today’s Scorpios are not going to relabel themselves as something else.  Want to understand the difference between astronomers and astrologers?  Pluto used to be labeled a planet.

Now here’s what happened to those astrological signs:
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