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Failed Coup

There are about twenty thousand Jews in Turkey. They have been protected by the strong central government which has also maintained good relations with Israel despite being a Muslim country and despite the attitudes of its Muslim Neighbors.

So we hope that the failed coup attempt by exiled, somewhat-more-secular Muslims against the current government will not result in the scapegoating of the Jewish community, nor we hope will terrorists succeed in taking advantage of the relative disorder to mount attacks on the Jews of Turkey.


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New Israeli Visa Needed

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

A Turkish military truck transporting a mobile missile launcher into Syria.

Our exclusive-to-Jewish-Jihad intemperate correspondent is still on the job.  Today he writes:

Syria claims to have killed four Turkish military imbedded in a rebel unit, I think they were in Aleppo.

I predicted many weeks ago that the Turks would do them in for the west. The trick is to keep NATO out of it, on the surface. The Turks are barely Muslims, they are definitely not Arabs.

The Hezbollah chief was killed in Syria by the rebels, He was there leading some evil unit for Assad, though the Hezbollah deny it, and had a funeral, and supposedly a body, in Lebanon.

I was only half not kidding, when I predicted we could see Hezbollah fight Hamas next.  Hamas is backing the rebels in Syria.

They would need to go roundabout through the West Bank to get at each other; or commute directly through Israel on the new “Go Ahead and Kill Each Other Visa” …  in a rare acquiescence to Arab demands !!

(No stopping along the new freeway allowed!)

Feel free to forward, publish, distribute by carrier pigeon… Remember, you heard it here first !!

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Chanukah Firestorm

Fire in the Carmel Forest

Fire in the Carmel Forest

A fire raging out of control in the north of Israel has killed 43 people so far.  Most of the dead were prison guards whose bus was caught in the flames as they tried to reach a nearby jail to help evacuate it.  Five million trees have been destroyed in the Carmel National Forest — Israel’s only natural forest and an ecological treasure.  About a third of the forest has been destroyed.  Forest rangers have evacuated animals from the inferno.

All 1,400 Israeli firefighters (yes, every firefighter in the country) have been deployed near Carmel, and parts of Haifa have been evacuated.  The supplies of fire extinguishing agent have been exhausted.  Israel has asked for help from the international community.  So far, the following countries are helping:  Britain, France, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and Russia.  All are sending supplies.  It is particularly touching that financially impoverished Greece and recently cool Turkey are helping. Read the rest of this entry »

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Your YouTube Away From YouTube: The Three Terrors

I hate to waste bandwidth duplicating other sites’ contents, but YouTube’s nasty habit of deleting pro-Israel videos leads me to post this video here to preserve it. The Three Terrors (a parody of The Three Tenors) isn’t as well done as the “We Con the World” video that YouTube recently took down (still preserved here at Jewish Jihad — see two posts ago). Nevertheless, The Three Terrors doesn’t deserve to be deleted by the “Censors of Zion.”  So here it is and here it will remain: Read the rest of this entry »

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