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Chanukah Firestorm

Fire in the Carmel Forest

Fire in the Carmel Forest

A fire raging out of control in the north of Israel has killed 43 people so far.  Most of the dead were prison guards whose bus was caught in the flames as they tried to reach a nearby jail to help evacuate it.  Five million trees have been destroyed in the Carmel National Forest — Israel’s only natural forest and an ecological treasure.  About a third of the forest has been destroyed.  Forest rangers have evacuated animals from the inferno.

All 1,400 Israeli firefighters (yes, every firefighter in the country) have been deployed near Carmel, and parts of Haifa have been evacuated.  The supplies of fire extinguishing agent have been exhausted.  Israel has asked for help from the international community.  So far, the following countries are helping:  Britain, France, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and Russia.  All are sending supplies.  It is particularly touching that financially impoverished Greece and recently cool Turkey are helping. Read the rest of this entry »

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