The #2 Republican is a #1 Antisemite

Warren Chisum

Warren Chisum

According to Warren Chisum (the second most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, and a former Chair of the House Appropriations Committee) evolution is a religious doctrine introduced two thousand years ago by the “Pharisaic Religion.”

Chisum wrote a letter of support that was attached to a bizarre memo being circulated by Ben Bridges (a Georgia State Representative), citing several profoundly antisemitic websites as proof that evolution stems from “rabbinic writings in the… kabala.”

Bridges and Chisum thus tried to kill two birds with one stone:   If evolution is a religious doctrine, then it ought to be banned in public schools;  and if it came from the Jews then it must be evil.  

We Jews are affected mostly by the antisemitic portions of their idiocy, but there is more:   The memo also asserts that “the Copernican model of a rotating orbiting Earth is a factless observation.”

Although Chisum eventually withdrew his letter of support for the memo, he didn’t recant its specific contents.   He claimed that “through further review” he now realized that the memo did not reflect his views “about such a complicated and deep subject.”

Who is the bigger laughingstock, the President of Iran or the Representative from Georgia?

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