Then They Began Shutting the American Factories

Scott Brown: Abs You Can Believe In

On NPR this morning Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views as opposed to Brown…Duh.

We all remember what Bush said when asked His opinion on Row versus Wade??  (He didn’t care how they got out of New Orleans, but they had to Leave Town.!.)

Gee, when you let Nature wipe out minority property owners it’s quicker than a giant mortgage bond scam…
…and privatize the clean-up to Dick Cheney, who left the illegal workers unpaid on the street while stealing on the billing and ignoring employer FICA, …
…it can make almost as much money as creating and privatizing a war, to Dick Cheney.

The term neo-con seems to have been squelched. You remember it?  The Neo-cons came in with Nixon. You recall the photo of Rumsfeld hugging Saddam Hussein in the White House?

These neo-cons have not left the stage, merely stepped out of the limelight. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, even bumbling fools like Ashcroft, are still around. Nixon got taken out of the picture, the rest kept going. Forty of their folks were indicted in Reagan’s first term, breaking the corruption record set by General Grant during “reconstruction”.

Ollie North is a convicted felon, guilty of treason. He was pardoned by a much bigger criminal, the post-Vietnam head of the CIA, the major drug and arms dealer, poppy bush.

Nixon was a power-mad thief. Poppy was the real deal, a killer; raygun was a figurehead; shrub was a lacky; now they pick a racist fool for a front man, Perry, and it blows up on them as much as the cynical pick of the fool Palin to go with the well-meaning and intellectually vacant McCain.

When you listen to Mitten’s official announcement to increase the number of ships in the navy, it sounds nearly word for word the same as Nixon making the same statement. It is even more ludicrous today, and he knows it has no truth. It shows who his backers are; he was told to speak these words just to help further enrich a few industrialists.

He will say anything to gain wealth and power.  It’s hard to know, but Mitt may actually believe that further enriching the few most powerful people and entities is good for the country; as he seems to view the country as a sovereign entity similar to Britain, if not a monarchy then perhaps a Commonwealth.  That is what the Brits like to call their union.

The royalty have become the British combination, as they had it for 70 years. Running a country as a corporation. The business form itself was much-debated and nearly made an illegal business combine, a form that cares not a whit what it does as long as it makes money, the vast majority of which flows to the top.

At the top are the political leaders of inherited wealth and pilfered power, hand in hand with industrial leaders who have no social conscience, and will pay peasants in China slave rice, enriching a few subverted Chinese oligarchs in the process.

This was started under Nixon, and was touted as reducing cold war tensions with the commies. Then they began shutting the American factories. By me we still have many acres of abandoned brick. More decades will pass before any market could convert it to loft housing, open tech, or creative space. We have here some folks trying indoor winter golf in these still empty vast spaces.

Needless to say, the British royal family do have more social conscience than American corporate leaders. Now we see such sickness as the “Bank of America” (Crocker) sponsoring such absurdity as Nascar. Even Carnegie built libraries in his final years, after battling unions with hired guns.

I think we’ve had troops in helicopters for some months now in central Africa. We are likely in Mali as well, and are in a low steady-state fight there. It seems a bit hush, as Obama tries for results rather than lining the pockets of cronies. There are no private contracts being let, just the killing of Kony people and Islamist nuts.

So you know this stuff, but there’s a little for the younger generation, who didn’t live through the beginning of this neo-con mafia.

They have billions of dollars riding on the outcome, a lot of their quiet theft has been attacked through their back-door by Eric Holder. (He by-passed his justice dept with a private team of lawyers, who make only a cut of what they save taxpayers by proving theft. They don’t need to show collusion as I get it, just prove corporate defrauding of government. much easier to cut deals and less likely to get shot at.)

And Carl Rove has this month been quietly writing crap for Scott Brown. Gee, aren’t we important since Kennedy died, and the other one,…and the other one,.. and .

Just one more quick word: “Nation Building At Home”. They absolutely seethe with Anger when he says it. Obama knows it too. He’s hammering it in. Code words right on TV to the camera.

He knows that they have no intent to give a penny to any American city, because to them those are already conquered territory.

When the neocons claimed to be “nation building” in foreign lands filled with backward violent people, what they meant went beyond the vast theft by corruption and outsourcing which caused the deaths of many young naive Americans, they meant the actual conversion of those peoples into captive markets.

Among themselves they plan it openly. The vast scale of the audacity, to co-opt and wield the American Army as a vast tool for profit, is enough to make most people disbelieve it, it just too frightening to face, and as long as they’re distracted by bread and circus just don’t make them think. But that is the truth of it. There is no money in it for them to ‘spend on’ people already forced by law to buy their for-profit products, and already herded into giving their lives and sending their money to the top.

BTW, I join you in saluting George McGovern. Keep the faith. (Did you know that George McGovern flew thirty-five combat missions in World War II, and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for saving the lives of his crew by crash landing on an island.)

Even they may be evolving, less shooting and more redistricting.

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