The USA-Egypt-Israel Arms Embargo of Gaza is Now a Music Video!

The USA-Egypt-Israel agreement regarding the weapons embargo of Gaza specifies a fifty-mile limit on naval inspections.  Israel’s recent enforcement of the weapons embargo is being portrayed as human rights abuse by The Usual Suspects, who pretend that this is an aid embargo or a travel embargo.

When the navy inspection personnel boarded one of the nine “human aid” ships from Turkey, “Peace activists” and “observers” on board the ship attacked with knives and metal pipes .  Much of the press attacked Israel for (eventually) defending themselves.   Fortunately, a video (included below) preserves what really happened.

But first, here is a music video offered as a refreshing corrective, which has the added benefit of being entertaining.

And now here’s the video of the actual boarding of the ship.  A small IDF contingent boards expecting to confer with the officers of the ship, their guns are holstered and on safety, and they were expecting civilian observers  to be present.  They don’t break out with deadly force until after several soldiers are down (and one thrown overboard) and it becomes clear they cannot survive except by using their guns.  (Warning: This video is hard to take.)

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