You shall write them on the doorposts of your house…

mezzuzah, Texas Law protects mezuzah, doorpost, Jewish mitzvah (commandment) from DeuteronomyIn 2007, a Jewish family in Houston was told to remove their mezzuzah from their apartment’s entryway or pay fines.  Their condo association claimed that the display was against its regulations.

The family sued, but failed to get relief  from a hearing in a U.S. District Court.  Their lawyer then contacted their state representative; and in 2009, Texas lawmakers drafted a bipartisan bill (H.B. 3025, H.B. 1278) that would forbid homeowners associations from prohibiting the display of a mezzuzah or other religious item.

The word “mezzuzah” is not mentioned in the bill’s text, which allows for one or more religious items of no more than twenty-five square inches to be displayed on the entry door or door frame.

Thus it wouldn’t cover twenty-foot lawn crosses nor Chabad-sized menorahs, nor creches and nativity scenes, nor Santas and Christmas lights.  But it would cover mezzuzahs and small crosses, as well as small Jewish or Christian plaques on entry doors.

Whether one could cover a door with many such small items is unclear.

It now awaits only the governor’s signature.  Governor Rick Perry has not yet indicated how he will decide on the issue.

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